Kraz 255 Update [1.32]

– Buy in Volvo Dealer – Standalone – Interior with DLC Cabin support – Sounds – Its wheels – Tuning – Clean log – 1000 litre tank – Engines with torque curves – Standard and high-speed gearboxes – Tested 1.32 Game Version Update: * Adaptation to patch 1.32.x. Credits: koral, cepkoc, _69_mf_ , kv0 DOWNLOAD 268 MB

"Kraz 255 Update [1.32]"

Kraz 64431 v 1.2 Fix [1.31.xx +1.32.x]

KrAZ-64431 Azovec version 1.2 (Modified) FIX!! Full adaptation for ETS2 by ETS2_Mod. Description: Bought in a DAF dealer. 2 Cabins. 2 the Chassis. 4 Engine on firms JAMZ. 10 Transmissions. Fuel tank 1200 L (Added) Animation of cables for all types of trailers.(FIX) Removed the conflict of wheels from ATS!!(FIX) Completely fixed all bugs from ATS.(FIX) Added new wheels from KAMAZ.(NEW) Optimized textures, meshes, shadows, remove debris from the interior. New sounds for truck KrAZ-64431.…

"Kraz 64431 v 1.2 Fix [1.31.xx +1.32.x]"

Kraz 260 [1.31.x] (upd 19.05.18)

Fully independent model. Purchased at the Volvo 5 slot. It has its own tuning, its wheels, its own sounds, its own salon. Changes in the update 19.05.18: – Fixed height of dummies hitch near saddle. – Adapted to patch ETS 1.31.x. There is no compatibility with the old versions of ETS, use the previous version of the mod. – Added spiral physical cables to the tractor chassis. – Minor improvements. Revision and adaptation to patch…

"Kraz 260 [1.31.x] (upd 19.05.18)"