Money and Experience mod 1.35.x

hello my friends ———– This mod give you free 1.000.000$ and XP 5.000 when you create new profile But if you want to increase the level you do not need to recreate a new profile but you have to connect the job ———– Here you go, in this mod EXP x7 and Money x7 (+100% for delivering cargo such as ADR/Fragile/ Just in Time etc.) So basically this mod works like this: You get x7…

"Money and Experience mod 1.35.x"

Reworked Engine, Transmission and Sounds

Version: 1.1. Competible 1.31-1.35(last beta) -MAN TGX:. Real torque curves of standart engines. Engine brake selector and eb power adjusted. Fuel consumption is realistic now. New allison,voıth speacial engines. New voıth,allison and transmissions. Standart transmission retarder powers adjusted. New engine brake sound for all engines. Auxilarity powers adjusted now some transmissions using engine brake(dep). Retarder sound of standart engine and transmissions reworked(new voith sound). -FORD F-MAX(EMRE AYDIN,BERTAN BADAY). Real torque curves of standart engine. Engine…

"Reworked Engine, Transmission and Sounds"

Dodge Charger 2016 1.35

CHANGELOG:- Updated to game version 1.35 – Fixed dealers – New real engine specifications – New real 8-speed gearbox —————————————————————————————————— SPECIFICATIONS:- – 2 rims (Stock & RS Red) – 2 interior options (Black, Black & Red) – 4 chassis (All-wheel-drive (AWD), Rear-wheel-drive (RWD) – STANDARD & AWD, RWD with decals) – 2 engine options (SRT 392 & SRT Hemi V8) – Realistic 8-speed gearbox – AO Rendering – Lightmask – High-quality exterior & interior ——————————————————————————————————…

"Dodge Charger 2016 1.35"