Baronz Transport Combo v 2.0

The skinpack is ready for 1.36 and DX11! This is a paintable skin and it fits on the following trucks: – SCS Scania S (High cab) – Scania R 2012 Streamline The trailerskin fits on the following trailers: – Krone ProfilinerHD (Flatbed) – SCS Flatbed – Schwarzmüller Wood-Trailer – Bodex Trailer Credits: Baronz DOWNLOAD 3 MB

"Baronz Transport Combo v 2.0"

Scania S Valcarenghi Skin

-Scania S 2016 -8K Resolution [ Metallic Colour] -Standard Owned Trailer Skin [ Metallic Colour] -50K Addon -50K light Sign -Exterior/Interior -Driver T-Shirt Skin -Curtain -Interior Back Wall Logo -Paintaed Front Bumper Donate Help Harsha Paintjobs FB Page Credits: Harsha Paintjobs DOWNLOAD 71 MB

"Scania S Valcarenghi Skin"

[HU] Hirvi Transport Pack v 2.0

Changes: -MAN TGX Euro5 (new) -MAN TGX Euro6 (new) -Scania S (painting corrected) -Krone Trailer (painting corrected) All modes in one scs file now. Required: Krone DLC Tested Version 1.35 !!!Please keep original download link!!! Company Info: Have nice Driving Credits: Nedi DOWNLOAD 772 KB

"[HU] Hirvi Transport Pack v 2.0"

Combo Olano

Combo Olano for Scania Streamline Highline and Krone CoolLiner It is unfortunately not possible to perfectly reproduce the real set because of the limits set by the game… To achieve exactly the same truck as the actual company, you can also download this mod created by IJS : RESPECT MY LINK PLEASE Credits: HappyWoOlf DOWNLOAD 16 MB

"Combo Olano"

Volvo by Eugene Tandem DHL Jimmie Karlssons

DHL Jimmie Karlssons skin for Volvo by Eugene Ekeri 4,4m tandem with ownable Ekeri 4,4m trailer and forehead lightbox,mods needed : Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs&r4 by Kast v1.9.2,Rigid Chassis Addon for Eugene’s Volvo FH&FH16 2012 v1.3 – ByCapital,Ekeri semi/full-trailers,Ekeri tandem addon,MBL Volvo Addon Pack v 1.2.1…thanks to CargoTLNLukas for base mod and to AddyJ for trailer.You can reupload this mod on other site but USE ONLY THE ORIGINAL LINK !!! Credits: CargoTLNLukas,AddyJ,Leonox DOWNLOAD…

"Volvo by Eugene Tandem DHL Jimmie Karlssons"