Rainbow Combo Pack for Mercedes Benz New Actros updated for 1.35

Mercedes-Benz and SCS Trailers combopack fixed and working for 1.35 now too, enjoy. These mods are (and will be)always free, but if you would like to keep me more up at night (or like these mods, or whatever other reasons) you can help me by donating at PayPal.Me/VandallRTR , thanks. PS: ANY other links besides this one (under the name Vandall RTR on Steam or tyb33rk on mods.lt)posted here is mod stealing so please respect…

"Rainbow Combo Pack for Mercedes Benz New Actros updated for 1.35"

Uppman Transport Sandarne for 1.34.x

Uppman Transport Sandarne skins by Aj Customs Tested on version 1.34.x with ownable dolly trailer Follow my IG: @pi.etsv8 FB Page: AJ Customs & Transport AB Mod needed: -Scania RJL -Ekeri semi trailer by kast -Ekeri tandem addon trailer by kast Do not re-upload this mod please! Credits: Ekeri by Kast, SCS, RJL, DOWNLOAD 32 MB

"Uppman Transport Sandarne for 1.34.x"

Gallo Trasporti Combo Skin

skin for Scania rs by RJL,with this mod you have skin for truck and tandem trailer with lightbox,mods needed :Ekeri semitrailer by Kast,Ekeri Tandem addon by Kast,Tandem Addon scania RJL by Kast,light and accessory by Powerkasi,RS Scania addons by Powerkasi and Long Roofgrill for Scania RS & T (RJL) v 1.0 Credits: piEts2 DOWNLOAD 1 MB

"Gallo Trasporti Combo Skin"