Lautus Graphics and Weather HD v 3.5

Bug Fixed

– Completely new HD road textures
– New types of clear weather
– New sun
– New types of sky and clouds
– Many textures of environment were changed
– The grass was a little bit redone
– The new daylight
– New headlights of traffic
– Improved rain weather
– Drops of rain running down the glass
And much more other little things)
Compatible with ETS2 1.9.X and + Marion Map
In archive you can see a mini surprise.
You should watch video in 2160p. It’s amazing)



Realistic Lightning JBX v 2.0



This modification improves lighting, bloom, contrast, road textures, terrain, sidewalk, disables automatic exposure and other additional improvements for a better gaming experience.

I recommend using my Reshade & SweetFX Preset 1.9.5 for Best visual of the game environment.


– Less Fog
– Realistic Bloom
– No Auto Exposure
– Realistic lighting
– Realistic Color Temperature


v2.0: Improvements and additional corrections in the Weather.

Note: The mods contain files that control different lights to reduce the orange color in the city lights in ProMods. Customizations of lights (Cities and Trucks) should go on top of my Mod. The Mods (Trucks, etc) that increase the brightness in the cabin do not recommend them with JBX.

Warning: [normal]You can not modify or use my modifications in other SCS projects without my authorization and credit. JuanBonX

Activate the Mod in High Priority.

Adjustments required* in the Game

– Anti-Aliasing (MLAA): OFF (*)
– High Dynamic Range: ON (*)
– Depth of Field (DOF): OFF (*)
– Rays of Sunshine: ON (*)
– Color Correction: ON (*)
– Anisotropic Filtering: Maximum (*)

I recommend playing in the best graphic quality + 400% Scaling + Full HD

For better visual quality apply all the graphic settings I recommend. It affects the performance.

Necessary settings for my Mod SCS and Preset 1.9.5 [normal](Config.cfg)

uset r_gamma “1” (Important)
uset r_cloud_shadows “0” (Optional)
uset r_color_correction “1” (Important)

Note: Exit the game before modifying config.cfg

Compatible: ETS2 1.31.x, ProMods, Early & Late Autumn, Spring Weather, Fael Environment


Credits: JuanBonX (Mod), SCS Software (Author),DriverStein(Re-Upload)
I have all the permission from JuanBonX to re-upload,re-post and share his mod!
All rights reserved to JuanBonX and DriverStein!

[normal]Facebook Page: [blue]



Real Gas Prices update 16.07

This mod is designed for maximum realistic simulation purposes.
I like to play real, so I wrote some mod for help.

ETS2 version 1.30 – 1.31
DLC: Going East – Scandinavia – Vive la France
Maps: Promods 2.27 – Rusmap 1.8 – Projekt Balkan 2.8 or SRmap 7.2.0
Trailers: all jazzycats trafic, Promods TCP 1.17, Rudi´s trailers
mods: all pvhmodding

Faroe,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Georgia,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Isle of main,Israel,Italy,Jersey,
Latvia,Lebanon,Liechtenstein,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Macedonia,Montenegro,Moldova,Monaco,Netherlands,northern Ireland,
Norway,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Russia,Serbia,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,switzerland,Turkey,United Kingdom,Ukraine…

Please do not upload to other sites, Without permission of the builder

Update 2.2
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 16.07.2018
-Alle Preise in Euro

Update 2.1
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 09.07.2018
-Alle Preise in Euro

Update 2.0
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 02.07.2018
-Alle Preise in Euro

Update 1.9.9
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 25.06.2018
-Alle Preise in Euro

Update 1.9.8
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 18.06.2018
-Alle Preise in Euro



Scania RJL 6-Series pack, dashboard indicators, display and original gauges 1.24 V2

This mod requires high priority!

List of added indicators:
1) Low beam
2) Parking lights
3) Aux lights
4) Fuel, water, oil warnings
5) Lift axle
6) Retarder
7) Non modal damage
8) Critical damage
9) And….

Alexander Swift, Davidzoli, Shineslip, Piva, Peter La Anguila


New Background in the menu and workshop v 1.5 ETS2 1.31.xx

Mod changes the background in the menu, the gallery of trailers and trucks.
The background in the menu and in the gallery of trucks, depends on the coloring of the acquired large garage.

Changes in version 1.5:
Corrected errors from the previous version 1.4.

The mod was tested on the latest version of ETS2 with

Authors: satan19990, losevo58 (Change and correction).