SiSL’s Mega Pack 2.65 for 1.31+

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This mod contains over 400+ cabin accessory items suitable for your taste, bringing female and male co-drivers, bobbleheads, accessories for truck driver needs, snacks, electronic devices, computers and tablets, lots of scarves, fresheners, toys and many many more…

Also contains some items that you can easily customize for your own preference like Picture frame, your own mug, your country flag that you can download from official Facebook page Download tab. Detailed info about customization is also on Facebook page

What’s new with 2.65?

– Fix Bead Tassel positions
– Projector GPS fix for Next Gen Scanias

Updated horizontal poster with Iwona Blecharczyk Trucking Girl. Many thanks to her for her support in trucking both virtual and real. You can subscribe her Facebook page at and Instagram at

– Added Sirius XM Satallite Radio
– Fix some UK items
– ETS2.LT and Steam Workshop are only places I upload these, if you are going to place it to your website, do not change URL’s.

Both in sharemods and modsbase you should see the name SiSL for uploader.

This mod is for 1.31 and over…

You can also make donations here:

Or you can create your online radio lists from here:



Extra Lights Pack [Works MP]

Extra Lights Pack
– It adds more light parts on all trucks. You can add the light parts or horns on the light bars and bull bars.
– Works on Multiplayer or Singleplayer.

How do I use it for MP?
Open Singleplayer ETS2. Go to service and add light parts to your truck. Save and quit singleplayer game. Join multiplayer and drive your truck with extra lights !

Required Game Version



Xantrios Signs Pack v 2.0

New Signs:

– Oversize Warning-Signs (3 Sizes)
– New “Convoi Exceptionnel”-Signs (2 Versions)
– “Bred Last”-Sign (2 Versions)
– New “TIR”-Sign
– Hazard/ADR (blank) Sign

All (new) Signs have real Dimensions, a H-bracket and are available in 2 Layouts (Clean and “Used look” (marked with (Dirt) at the Shop)).
(More Signs coming with the next Update / Sign-Requests are welcome)

I also try to find a way for a better Compatibility with the Standard SCS Bars/Grills.

!Important Update/Bugfix Note!

I fixed some Errors with other Mods.
Due to this Bugfix you have to check your Sign-Setup after the Update/Bugfix.
Sorry for the “Trouble”.

!Important Information!

Not all Signs in this standalone Pack are made by me (Xantrios).
Signs from other Modders are marked with – (Modder Name) – (eg. (ohaha)) @ the Shop.

I put them together in a standalone Pack and made them available on any (Standard) Roof-, Bull-/Front- and Bottom-/Low-Bar (it depends on you and your imagination where you use the signs).

All Rights remain reserved for the respective Owner.