Rutas Mortales v 1.1 [1.34]

  Hi, this is the continuation of my first map, has everything new contains: -9 cities ( 4 new city) -more than 600 km of new routes -work in version 1.34-1.35 -the map does not need any DLC -create new perfil and change module “rutas mortales” RESPECT THE LINK OF AUTOR!!! Enjoy! Credits: Rodrigo Crocco DOWNLOAD 2 MB

"Rutas Mortales v 1.1 [1.34]"

Colombia Map v 4.0

  Changelog v4.0 -A lot or new things, roads and areas: (Read Demo_Descripcion_JhonDeath.Col.pdf for more information, Truck Dealers Ubications and information how to support the map.) -Include SCS American Trucks from ATS for driving more realistic (European trucks are still available). -Fixed errors -Updated to ETS2 1.34 (Works in 1.33, no tested in ETS2 1.35). Independent Map of Colombia that contains some deadly routes, dangerous curves, ups and downs and more!, Download the .rar and…

"Colombia Map v 4.0"

Hungary Map Addons

Hello, this mod is an overhaul for the Hungary map made by Frank007. It is the continuation of my old mod ‘Real Hungarian Company’. This mod try to be close as the reality as possible on every aspect of the game. You can run the mod on a current load game but it is better to start a new game to enjoy all the modification from the start. Description : -Fix a lot of errors…

"Hungary Map Addons"

SRMAP YKSRSK – Alternative Road v 2.3

A slightly different look at the road connection SRmap 7.8.0 – YKSRSK 1.6 Full compatibility with Southern Region 7.8.0 and YKSRSK 1.6 Connect to the manager mods above SRmap and YKSRSK! Revised roadmap option SRmap 7.8.0 – YKSRSK 1.6 Based on a real road Driving with heavy and not heavy cargo is extremely difficult. Credits: Sergey061 DOWNLOAD 5 MB

"SRMAP YKSRSK – Alternative Road v 2.3"