Base in Poznan REWORKED


[PL] Cześć. Wydaję dla was poprawioną wersję bazy w Poznaniu. Działa z Promods i Poland Rebudiling. Dziękuje Grakowi za wspaniałe poradniki do map editora.
[EN] Hey. I am giving you a revised version of the base in Poznan. Works with Promods and Poland Rebudiling. Thank you Grak for the great guides to the editor’s map.

Ambasador Of Jamaica/Ambasador jamajki



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a map of Peru from its most deadly routes edited from its original version of map puno.necesitas 3 files:
1. Puno_Peru_V.1.5

2.- southern-regnio-map-v-6-5

3.- deadly routes 1.0

creator de map de puno


Poland Rebuilding 2.0

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Hello all Community

After 18 months brake, we want to give all of You big update of Our project

Map is overlay of existing Polish terrains on ProMods map and including modification of terrains from previous versions Our map.

We want to give for all of You, our Fans and Players, simple choose; which “version” of Poland You want.

We’re working hard to create much more better map as You remember.
We’ve hope, then what we give You, will be much more amazing like never before.

– ProMods Map 2.20

– RusMap

– Going East
– Scandinavia
– Vive la France

Our official FB FanPage:

Changes on the map:
– reconstruction of East Pomerania
– modernization and lifting road A1 “Gdańsk – Bydgoszcz” (Bydgoszcz without changes)
– modernization road S7 “Gdańsk – Olsztyn” (Olsztyn – add new speditions)
– modernization and lifting road A4 “Kraków – Rzeszów”
– modernization and lifting S-E territories
– modernization and lifting around Kielce
– modernization and lifting S-W territories (from Wrocław to Zgorzelec and Olszyna)
– reconstruction of Piła
– reconstruction of Grudziądz
– reconstruction of Tricity
– lifting around Gorzów Wlkp
– modernization of PM/PR maps connection sector (that sector incl Germany terrains on the West from Zgorzelec)

New cities:
– Lębork
– Łeba
– Elbląg
– Ostróda
– Legnica
– Wałcz

Important – some cities are hide on the World Map, but have speditions to unload some cargos. After discover still will be hide on WM.
Maybe will be show in the future, but for now is Our “surprise”. We want to give You a pleasure with discover all that cities.

Important #2 – N-E of Poland is a modified part by ProMods Team in order to errors-free connection a both maps (sectors incl Augustów and Ostrołęka)

Update was tested on the platform:
– i5 4690k
– MSI Z97 G3
– MSI GTX 970
– max resolution up to 1920×1200

with the modifications:
– dlc Heavy Cargo pack
– MAN TGX Euro xx by Madster + BDF from Tandem Truck Pack
– MAN TGX 2010 v4.2 by XBS
– Trailers and Cargo Pack by JazzyCat (one of random cargo can make crash the game – that effect was observed on the last version of that mod)
– and some interior add-ons, if any above mod incl this.

Recommended graphics settings (using under testing):
– refresh – 60Hz
– VSync – on
– calibration – 400%
– mlaa – off
– hdr – on
– depth of field – on
– break the light – on
– color correction – on

– refliections quality – medium
– vegetation details – high
– grass consolidation – high
– shadows quality – medium
– shadows texture sizes – high
– weather conditions quality – medium

– mirrors view quality – medium
– mirrors view resolution – medium
– mirrors drawing distance – high
– texture quality – high
– anisotropic filtering – 95%
– normals mapping – on
– traffic light – on
– car second lights – on
– visibility of light distance – high
– pedestrians – on

Average of FPS – 60

Technicalities #2:
Our reccomendation to fluence stable game and how to fix it:
– use official modifications by SCS (optimized are well)
– use modifications with wrong opti can downgrade stable and fps
– use modifications with more AI Traffic on own risk (that option can be change with the console commend , when “1” is min and “10” is max
or change that option in “config” file (folder My Documents in the savegame)

Not recommended settings (for older configurations can be too heavy):
– mlaa – on
– weather – ultra
– reflections – high
– all mirrors settings – high/ultra
– mirrors drawing distance
– calibration 400% (on graphic cards with small amount of VRAM)

DIESIRAE GrakuPL Michaleczeq Sebavr6 djdarklighter Special thanks: Radol Szczecin Satan 19990 _PMA Czaja MirM Rene-GAD

DOWNLOAD 24.6 MB part I
DOWNLOAD 69.5 MB part II
DOWNLOAD 784 KB part V

Eldorado Map FREE 1.6.9 for ETS2 1.28


What has been changed?
-Correct GPS for Europe;
-New garages;
-New cities: Iguape, Ilha Comprida, Miracatu and some new neighborhoods and farms;
-Poor on the roads;
-Added game mode without Europe;
-Climate for the map;
-A.I will now feel the holes and will slow down;
-Refused cities: Centro Eldorado, Vila Nova Esperança;
-Fixed other small object position bugs;
– Fixed map time;

Support the creator of the map, do not re-upload this file!

Like the fan page on facebook:

Elvis Félix

DOWNLOAD 627 MB [mirror]

German City Names v 1.2 for ProMods and Italy/Hungary Map

Adds German translations of the cities of the following maps/DLCs:
– vanilla map
– DLC “Going East!”
– DLC “Scandinavia”
– DLC “Vive la France!”
– ProMods v2.20
– ProMods Extension v0.2.5
– ItalyMap v2.0
in brackets.
Example: “Praha (Prag)”

If you discover a new city, only the German translation will be displayed – “PRAG”.
To some other cities – mainly France and the UK – were added dialect names of this cities with slashes. Example: “Huesca/Uesca”
The capitals of all countries are written in CAPITAL LETTERS on the map. (E. G.: “BRATISLAVA (Pressburg)”)
I’ve tested the mod for ProMods and ItalyMap seperately; I cannot guarantee if it works when you play with both.

Put the downloaded files “German_City_Names_v1.2.scs” and/or
“German_City_Names_v1.2_Hungary.scs” into the folder /user/documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod. You don’t need to create a new profile!
Activate only one of the two files, depending on if you use vanialla/ProMods/Italy map or Hungary standalone map.
This mod should have a higher priority than all other map mods in the mod manager!
Tested with version 1.28 of the game; it should also work with 1.27!

– Adaption for HungaryMap by Frank007 (EXTRA FILE!)
– Fixed spelling mistakes
– Adaption for ItalyMap v2.0 by Renzo243 and Deco13
– Wrong displayed city names fixed
– Missing German city names added
– Release

For updates, visit:

SCS Software, ProMods Team, Renzo243, Frank007, Topolino


Great Poland v 1.2.1 by ModsPL


Hello there!
Mod will rebuild some main roads in Poland (and Slovakia)
Actual mod version – 1.2.1 “Slovensko”
Mod is for version of ETS2 – 1.28
(Changes in Slovakia don’t mean that I won’t rebuild Poland, I was working on new Polish sings , so it’ll back in next version)
New changes in Poland:
Fixed bugs
Better flow
New changes in Slovakia:
Rebuilded Bratislava region
Rebuilded highways D2 and D4
Detalic rebuild of highway D1
Added motorway R4 – Košice bypass
Added realistic interchange Bratislava-Petržalka (D1/D2)
Added new signs
Other changes:
New loading screens (Great Poland)
Added numbers of main roads (1-12) and signs of voivodeships (provinces) of Poland
Rebuilded highways: A1, A2, A4, A6, A8
Rebuilded motorways: S1, S3, S6, S7, S8, S11, S14, S17, S19, S51, S52, EOW
Rebuilded some parts of cities e.g. Gdańsk or Łódź
Added cities: Rzeszów, Gliwice
The newest sign font
Rebuilded highways: D1, D2, D3, D4
Rebuilded motorways: R3, R4
It won’t work with ProMods
It works with DLC France but you don’t need it
If you find a bug or an error please let me know in comments or send me an email (
DLC needed: Scandinavia, East
Follow my site! –

– – – – – – – – – –


Ten mod przebuduje główne drogi w Polsce (i na Słowacji)
Aktualna wersja – 1.2.1 “Slovensko”
Mod działa wersję ETS2 – 1.28
(Zmiany na Słowacji nie oznaczają porzucenia Polski, pracowałem nad nowymi polskimi znakami, więc wrócę już w kolejnej wersji)
Nowe zmiany w Polsce:
Poprawa błędów
Lepsza optymalizacja
Nowe zmiany na Słowacji:
Przebudowa okolicy Bratysławy
Przebudowa autostrad D2 i D4
Detaliczna przebudowa autostrady D1
Dodana droga ekspresowa R4 – obwodnica Koszyc
Realistyczny węzeł Bratislava-Petržalka (D1/D2)
Dodane nowe znaki
Pozostałe zmiany:
Nowe ekrany ładowania (Great Poland)
Numery głównych dróg (od 1 do 12)
Tablice województw
Przebudowane autostrady: A1, A2, A4, A6, A8
Przebudowane drogi ekspresowe: S1, S3, S6, S7, S8, S11, S14, S17, S19, S51, S52, EOW
Przebudowane części niektórych miast np. Łódź albo Gdańsk
Nowe miasta: Gliwice oraz Rzeszów
Nowa czcionka na drogowskazach
Przebudowane autostrady: D1, D2, D3, D4
Przebudowane drogi ekspresowe: R3, R4
Mod ten nie działa z ProMods
Działa z DLC France ale nie jest wymagane by posiadać ten dodatek
(Jeżeli znajdziesz jakiś błąd w modzie daj mi znać w komentarzu, lub na moim mailu:
Wymagane DLC: Skandynawia, Going East
Śledź moją stronę! –
Miłej gry!