ETS2 Meiller Kipper Fix 1.34.x

!TURKİSH! -Satın Alınabilir. -Dorse Kabloları Çalışmaktadır. -Kaldırılabilir Dingil Vardır. LİNK DEĞİŞTİRMEK YASAKTIR! KIRMAK EDİTLEMEK YASAKTIR.! İyi Eğlenceler 🙂 !ENGLİSH! -İt’s Ownable. -Cables Works. -Liftable Axle. DO NOT CHANGE THE LİNK! BROKEN AND EDİT FORBİDDEN! Have Fun 🙂 Trailer : Bertan06 Upgrade : Fred_be Fix : EskisehirliOzan Credits: Fred_be, Bertan06, EskisehirliOzan DOWNLOAD 22 MB

"ETS2 Meiller Kipper Fix 1.34.x"

Rainbow Combo Pack for Mercedes Benz New Actros updated for 1.35

Mercedes-Benz and SCS Trailers combopack fixed and working for 1.35 now too, enjoy. These mods are (and will be)always free, but if you would like to keep me more up at night (or like these mods, or whatever other reasons) you can help me by donating at PayPal.Me/VandallRTR , thanks. PS: ANY other links besides this one (under the name Vandall RTR on Steam or tyb33rk on here is mod stealing so please respect…

"Rainbow Combo Pack for Mercedes Benz New Actros updated for 1.35"

ETS2 Kipper Trailer Fix 1.35.x

!TURKİSH! -Dorse Kişiseldir. -Dorse Kabloları Çalışmaktadır. -Sıkıntı Çıkabilir Diye Sadece Fix Attım. Fix : EskisehirliOzan Dorse : Bertan06, MTKRZ, Lucas Tekerinize Taş Değmesin 🙂 Modu Düzenlemek Kırmak Yasaktır Aksi Halde Benim Birşey Yapmama Gerek Kalmaz Zaten 🙂 LİNK DEĞİŞTİRMEK YASAKTIR! 1.35.x’te denenmiştir. !ENGLİSH! -Trailer İs Ownable. -Trailer Cables Work. Fix : EskisehirliOzan Trailer : Bertan06, MTKRZ, Lucas Have Fun 🙂 Editing mode is forbidden to break otherwise I don’t have to do anything anyway:) DO…

"ETS2 Kipper Trailer Fix 1.35.x"

Maz Semi Trailer Ownable

– Game Version 1.35.x – Version 1.1 Ownable Version Support Cargo Market – Features 2 Chassis (2 Axle, 3 Axle) 2 Body (Default, With Side Locks) Trailer Cables Trailer Advanced Coupling Trailer Brace Animation Tunings 2K AO Bake UI Shadow + Extended Shadow Template 4K (included in zip file) Credits: MehdiAnti, Andrey90 DOWNLOAD 9 MB

"Maz Semi Trailer Ownable"