Skin Marc Marquez 1.35

Supports all kind of Trailers and models, all kind of combos works perfectly (curtainsider b-double, curtainsider double, single trailer, dry b-double, dry double, dry single trailer, dry s-door b-double, dry s-door double, dry s-door single trailer, walking floor b-double, walking floor double, walking floor single trailer) Truck skin is only for Volvo FH16 2012 XL Cabin Credits: El Longines, PumuksWRC, Xariel DOWNLOAD 3 MB

"Skin Marc Marquez 1.35"

RPIE Volvo FH16 2012 [1.35.X]

– 4 types of cabins – 57 chassis types, 7 original and 50 additional. – 9 engines. – 8 new Transmissions. – 4 types of interior. – More than 230 Skins (if you have all the DLC). – Original accessories, front grille, front mirror, side mirror, side skirts, tanks, cranes, rear bumpers, middle exhaust pipes, small lights, Eagle Eyes Lights Crane, Stone Guard, front hook cover and body. – Original accessories for the interior, Light…

"RPIE Volvo FH16 2012 [1.35.X]"

Volvo FH16 2012 Interior v 1.3

For 1.35 (Works with previous versions 1.31, 1.32, 1.33 and 1.34.) This mod changes the interior colors of Volvo 2012. You can use it to get rid of Volvo’s bad yellow. The steering wheel coating, which appears to be covered with a sponge, has been replaced by high-resolution coatings. In this version the Pendragon Volvo interior is also supported. Have fun Tekteker Haydar ———————— 1.35 (Geriye doğru 1.31 sürümüne kadar çalışır) Bu mod Volvo 2012…

"Volvo FH16 2012 Interior v 1.3"

Volvo FH 2012 v 24.00R [1.35.x]

This mod is baset on FH16_2012_v13.4_ohaha, but contains everything, which have standalone (Volvo FH 2013 [ohaha]) version. Also added accessories and 8×4 chassis for quick jobs. This mod will be updated, after ohaha updated standalone (Volvo FH 2013 [ohaha]) version and when I have a time. Updated for v.1.35 Credits: truck SCS Software tweaks, additions and rebuilt parts ohaha tandem variant based on Flemming V’s mods. toowbar by WrittenExample headlights by Eugene maintained this mod…

"Volvo FH 2012 v 24.00R [1.35.x]"