Scania RJL White Holland Interior 1.35 1.34

  Some of your friends sell a paid mod for everyone to use myself to edit and share with you Only applies to topline cabin or interior can overflow outwards Have fun Subscribe to my channel and you can write your comments in the comments Credits: Rjl.yasin.calim DOWNLOAD 101 MB

"Scania RJL White Holland Interior 1.35 1.34"

Horn Mod for Scania 2016 – ETS2 Mod 1.35

Loud Horn Mod from a real truck! For ETS2 – 1.35.x This sound is from a real tuned truck! Only for Scania 2016 Do not re-upload to other servers, keep the original link if you want to share the mod! Credits: Panone Installation: Put the .SCS file in Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod then activate it in the Mod Manager! Credits: Panone DOWNLOAD 51 KB

"Horn Mod for Scania 2016 – ETS2 Mod 1.35"

Scania 2 Series edit mjtemdark [1.35.x]

Scania 2 series(112,142) E, HW Includes chassis [4×2 (normal, lowered), 6×2 (normal, lowered), 6×4 (normal, lowered, high [E]), 6×6 (high [E]), 8×4 Normal cabin and topline Motors 360-450 Transmissions (8,9,12,10,16 speeds) Independent interior (white, black, gray, wooden) independent sound and V8 sound Steering Wheels (series 2 and 3 series) (white, black) Miscellaneous accessories (tanks, exhausts, fender, oversize kit [E], etc.) Tires and Rims for scania New Changes: -Recoverted 1.35.x -Fix position wheels for 1.35.x and…

"Scania 2 Series edit mjtemdark [1.35.x]"