MAZ 6422 [1.36.x] (upd: 05.12.19)

– Registered autonomously. – Bought in the showroom MAN. – Its tuning. – Engines and sounds (YaMZ D6 Euro 1 breath from Dark_Wolf, the rest from Kriechbaum) – Support advanced hitch. – Camera fixed. – Bug fixes and improvements. Update 05.12.2019 Fixed the mirrors to the new physics (g_phys_mirrors “1”) Added missing UV channels (for painting metallic in DX11) Fixed registration of wipers Fixed outdated registration of headlights Fixed all found errors and warnings Sold…

"MAZ 6422 [1.36.x] (upd: 05.12.19)"

MAZ 54323 (64229) with MAZ 9758 Trailer by Nikola [1.32] Official release

  In front of you is a brand-new mod of the Belarusian truck MAZ-54323 with the semitrailer MAZ-9758. The mod is based on the newly assembled medium-poly 3D model with high-quality textures. – Standalone truck purchase in the SCANIA dealer & ownable trailer; – 1 cabin; – 2 chassis – 4×2 (54323-08) and 6×4 (64229); – Painted, incl. and in metallic, skins support (template in the mod archive); – 2 engines YMZ-238B and “Tutayev” TMZ-8424.10;…

"MAZ 54323 (64229) with MAZ 9758 Trailer by Nikola [1.32] Official release"

MAZ 6422

New camera. New version of cables. Added mirrors and bumper from the first version. Added additional lights on the bumper and spoiler “farm”. Shifted cabin lights. Prices are close to real. Native engines with torque curves. Native gearboxes. Credits: JAWA, Stas556, Kriechbaum, Dark_Wolf, _69_mf_, Phantom94, vovangt4, Prime044, Tihonia DOWNLOAD 270 MB

"MAZ 6422"