MAZ 5340/5440/6430A8 reworked

The model has: + 3 types of chassis: 5440A8 (4×2); 6430A8 (6×4); 5340A8 (tent 4×2). + Your own wheels and sounds. + Original characteristics of power units. + Coloring in factory colors, incl. in the “metallic”. It is possible to paint plastic parts of the tail in the color of the cabin. + Extensive tuning (2 models of steering, optics, curtains, GPS, flashing beacons, etc.), support for DLC “Cabin Accessories” and “National Window Flags”. +…

"MAZ 5340/5440/6430A8 reworked"

MAZ 504B-515B + Template v 4.5 [1.32.x]

= Standalone = Find in MAN Dealer = Four cabins = Two Interiors = Three Chassis = Own Sound = Wheels and Tires = Four Engines = Tree Gearbox = Your Tuning = Support SISL`s Accessories = Added to the gallery and a company Truck = Adapted more than 21 skin for both Trucks = Added the Template to the Cab for the Skins = All Textures converted Trucks in high quality = All Textures…

"MAZ 504B-515B + Template v 4.5 [1.32.x]"

MAZ 6422M v 3.0 [1.32.xx]

  The truck “MAZ 6422M” version 3.0 – Fully Autonomous 3D model of the truck! – Buying in showrooms MAN. – Written in the company and a gallery of trucks!. – 1 cabin – 1 chassis – 12 engines – Transmission one under each engine – His shop – Its sounds – His wheels (option 2) – Paint – A lot of outdoor tyunninga – Fixed collision truck (rested on the trailer and did not…

"MAZ 6422M v 3.0 [1.32.xx]"

MAZ Prototype v 1.2

Standalone 1 Cabin 1 Interior 1 Your engine 1 Chassis In this version, the headlights are fixed and now it illuminates the road + inside the archive there is a very suitable physics for Maz Prototype. Put it on your own. Waiting in the cabin DAF / tested on version Credits: Игорь Швагерус, geth0742 DOWNLOAD 166 MB

"MAZ Prototype v 1.2"