MAZ Prototype v 1.2

1 Cabin
1 Interior
1 Your engine
1 Chassis
In this version, the headlights are fixed and now it illuminates the road + inside the archive there is a very suitable physics for Maz Prototype.
Put it on your own.
Waiting in the cabin DAF / tested on version

Игорь Швагерус, geth0742



MAZ 5432-6422 [1.31]


– Standalone
– 5 cabins
– 2 chassis
– Your own interior
– Optimization for the latest patches
– Fixed image in mirrors
– Added a small tuning in the salon
– Added a small tuning from extras
– Added metallic painting
– Fixed taillights
– Lights are glowing with texture
– Has its own room
– Baked salon

– Chassis Author: Bruieser – Author of the cabin: Jawa – The author of the salon envelope in ЕTS2: Stalker45 – Salon authors: Bruiser, Stalker45, Mr.Nick – Envelope author in ETS2: Dalnoboishik ™ – Author of fixes and debugging to V.5: Stels – Texture of small things: Versetti



MAZ 500 Series MTG v 5.0 [1.28.X – 1.30.X]

Update # 2 (Version of the mod # 2):
– Added two chassis 4×4 and 8×2
– Added steering wheel, a clock in an external interior model
– Work has been done to reduce the “FPS” in the game.
– Added new lighting devices (yellow, red, white to choose from), green by default.
– Added a new sound from “Kriechbaum”
– Correction of past shortcomings.
It is bought in the showroom of “MAN”.
Update # 3 (Version of mod # 3):
– adaptation under the patch 1.28.х
– Added registration in the auto show “mTG” and “MAN”
– correction of past shortcomings.
Update No. 4 (Version mod 4):
– correction of past shortcomings.
– added 2 chassis (515B-1973 and 509 – experienced with a sub-middle axle)
– an early version of the salon was added
– new tuning elements
Update #5 (Version mod №5):
– adaptation under the patch 1.30.х
– correction of past shortcomings.
– Adding braids to the steering wheel.
– the addition of animated glove boxes and sun visors.

– mo3Del Truck Game (mTG):
– JAWA: 3D model, 3D interior
– Stas556: Envelope in the game, animation, editing in the game.
– Kriechbaum: Sounds.
– SimKA: Sounds.
– Bear79: Sounds.
– Knox, dmitry68: Technology dashboard
– Sapgh: braiding



MAZ 6422 for 1.30.x

– 1 Cabin
– 1 Chassis
– 12 Engines to which their gears are fixed
– Interior
– Sounds
– Wheels
– Painted
– A lot of Tuning
– Supports DLC Cabin Accessories and National Window Flags

* Adaptation for 1.30 Game Version

3D model of the truck: JAWA. Envelope in the game, animation: Stas556. Registration: Mishanka. Sound: Kriechbaum, Dark_Wolf. Adaptation and debugging: _69_mf_



MAZ 5432-6422 V5.05 1.28-1.30

Mod features:

– Optimized for 1.28 patches
– Fixed the image in the mirror
– Added a little tuning to the salon
– Added a small tuning with vneski
– Added metallic paint
– Fixed the rear lights
– The lights are burning texture
– A private room
– Baked salon

Additional information:

All registration and sounds with textures cabin upgrade in a separate archive modes
Maz 5432-6422 part 2, so if you want you can register yourself any sounds
engines, boxes etc, as well as change the number and some teksturki special stages.
Texture features along the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part
Texture plates ADR is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part
Texture decals T. I. R. is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part
The texture of the blanket is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part
Texture round stickers is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part
The texture of the pennant and square sticker is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part
MAZ traditionally bought either in a large showroom Scania,
or sold in the online store on the second page.
The archive with the model is locked at the request Dalnoboishik™.

Updated v5.05:
– Adaptation to 1.28.x
– Completely removed the glare when view from the cockpit
– Replaced the engine sounds at idle and under load.

Udated & Fixed bugd – Aidimator

Test 1.28, 1.30

Bruieser, Dalnoboishik™, update – aidimator




The release version of the mod includes:

– two chassis (MAZ-504 and MAZ-515)
– two kinds of mirrors
– three engines (YaMZ-238 and two modifications of YaMZ-236)
– three manuals
– Two variants of the cabin with two types of upholstery and a set of tuning for each of the interiors
– three versions of radiator grids (each of the grids has different LCPs, resulting in nine types of grids)
– wings, side steps, tanks, bumper, battery box and rear fenders also have two options, they are black and in the color of the cabin
– Animated mud flaps of two types
– various lights and lights
– eight variants of tires
– many varieties of painting (skins)
– and much more…

Update # 3 (Version of the mod # 3):

– adaptation under the patch 1.28.х
– Added propiska in the showroom “MAN”
– correction of past shortcomings.

JAWA, Stas556, Kriechbaum, SimKA, Bear79, Knox, dmitry68