MAN TGX Euro 6 Lion 500 Edition Skin

  Tested on 1.32! Skin Lion 500 Edition in normal red or custom metallic variant for MAN TGX Euro 6. Textures for painted wheels by abasstreppas included. New textures for Performance Lion interior to match Lion 500 Edition skin included. Required mods – [MADster] MAN TGX Euro6 Recommended mods – [abasstreppas] wheelpack Specially created for – XXL cab – 4×2 chassis !!! Please don’t edit and reupload without my permission !!! Enjoy 🙂 Check my…

"MAN TGX Euro 6 Lion 500 Edition Skin"

Man TGA Tandem Chassis + Tuning 1.32

  DO NOT REUPLOAD OR EDIT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION Mod Contain: -4×2 chassis -6×2 chassis -6×2*4 chassis -6×4 chassis -6×4*4 chassis -8×4 chassis -8×4*4 chassis -Custom Fenders for BDF -Custom Sideskirt for BDF -Custom Exhaust for BDF And more… FULL SUPPORT FOR BDF TANDEM BY VINGE BDF tandem truck pack v100.0 required, please download it. Credits: TheHawk DOWNLOAD 27 MB

"Man TGA Tandem Chassis + Tuning 1.32"

MAN TGX v 2.5

  Added in v2.5: -Improved normal exhaust and batterybox -New V8 exhaust added -Special V8 wheels added -Spare wheel for 4×2 chassis -Low deck chassis -New 3D Cab and Chassis -New 3D chassis and engine badges -Selectable foglights function -Improved lights texture and lightmask -Two new leather steering wheel -Manual gearbox depending on the gearbox selected -New mirror system -Animated air and electrical cables -Customisable license plate -Wind deflectors in different versions -New on board…

"MAN TGX v 2.5"