MAN F2000 19.414 Wiper Fix 1.35

  MAN F2000 19.414 Wiper animations fixed. Now they properly wipe rain over windshield Like my FB page for more updates and bug reports: NOTE: For this to work properly you need this truck by Roadhunter and Weeda88 MAN F2000 19.604 v 2.0 Credits: LynxKris (Lynx’s Modding) DOWNLOAD 919 KB

"MAN F2000 19.414 Wiper Fix 1.35"

MAN TGX Euro 6 Modifications v 1.1

  Hello my friends ——- _New additions: _Sideskirts Plastic and Stock & Plastic _New Chassis and Low Deck Chassis for all Cabin _2 Front Mask ——- Tested: 1.35 ——- PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD. If you want to share it please show some RESPECT and use original link. Credits: SCS.GTR DOWNLOAD 37 MB

"MAN TGX Euro 6 Modifications v 1.1"

MAN TGX Euro 6 Commander Series Skin

  Tested on 1.35! Limited edition Commander series skin for MAN TGX Euro 6 by MADster. Required mods – [MADster] MAN TGX Euro6 Recommended mods – [50keda] Wheels Pack Specially created for – XXL cab – 6×2/4 chassis !!! Please don’t edit and reupload without my permission !!! Enjoy 🙂 Check my Facebook page 🙂 You can support my work if you want, it’s up to you 🙂 Credits: Roman71 DOWNLOAD 178 KB

"MAN TGX Euro 6 Commander Series Skin"