Freightliner Coronado Edited ETS2 1.33.x

YOUTUBE: SUBSCRIBE! INSTAGRAM: SUPPORT ME WITH A SMALL DONATION: MOD PROTECTED BY CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE V4.0. YOU CAN SHARE FREELY BUT ONLY USING THE ORIGINAL LINKS. UPLOAD THE FILES TO OTHER SERVERS IS NOT PERMITTED. FREIGHTLINER CORONADO EDITED (ETS2 VERSION). Fully standalone. Adaptation to 1.33.x ETS2 game version. Trailer cables ready! A lot of improvements and fixes. Missing sounds added. Few accessories added. SiSL Megapack addon INCLUDED. You need SiS’L megapack…

"Freightliner Coronado Edited ETS2 1.33.x"

Freightliner FLB v 2.0.5

– Fixed OpenGL errors (works on mac & linux), – Advanced coupling with collisions, – Fixed black mirrors, – Steering wheel customization (support for Steering Creation Pack DLC (ATS), dragon wheel (ATS) and SISL wheels), – Support for all interior accessories DLCs (ETS2), – Steering wheel adjustment, – Fixed steering wheel rotation (900 degree rotation, was 720), – Redone all interior animations, – Improved dashboard – (removed gear indicator, added turbo, brake application, suspension load…

"Freightliner FLB v 2.0.5"

Freightliner Argosy v 2.4.1 [1.33]

Other: – Standalone – Volvo Dealer – Your own interior – Their sounds (several options) – Your wheels – Many tuning and accessories – Metallic color – Skins – Support for DLC Cabin Accessories – Support advanced coupling – added in quick job Version 2.4.1: * Update for 1.33 Game Version Credits: oftLab-NSK, odd_fellow, stas556, dmitry68, FRANK_WOT, Kriechbaum, Harven, Lucasi DOWNLOAD 144 MB

"Freightliner Argosy v 2.4.1 [1.33]"

Freightliner FLB v 2.0.3 edited by Harven for ETS2

v2.0.3: – Updated headlights definitions, – Regenerated icons for 1.32, – Added support for steam inventory toys. This version of FLB is based on Solaris36 edit for ATS. I spent a lot of time fixing/improving/polishing it and I think I’m finally ready to share it with you. The list of changes is very long because I wanted to make this truck as good as I could, not just fix errors so it’s playable. There are…

"Freightliner FLB v 2.0.3 edited by Harven for ETS2"

Freightliner Century v 5.0 Nikola Edit [1.31]

Mod of the legendary american truck built on the basis of a quality 3D model. Autonomous truck is sold in the Volvo showroom, has its own slot – nothing will be replaced. Has a wide selection of engines and gearboxes with real factory characteristics. own wheels. DLC Cabin ready. Added new original speed limit add-on. The 3D model of the mod is revised and optimized. The sound is reworked. Added support for advanced hitch and…

"Freightliner Century v 5.0 Nikola Edit [1.31]"