Eastern Express v 3.6M + Addon (beta)



New Cityes: Новый Уренгой, Надым, Воркута, Салехард, Лабытнанги, Хорей-Вер and Инта

Authors: valera_t, SCS Software, МОРОЗОВ, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, Jazzycat, kosa6414, onixer, sowa, Olsestar, oq37, klipstoeun8839, satan19990, Bluetruck

When distributing make sure to save the authorship (whole list) and the original download link!

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Roads Brasil Map v 1.0.5 Full

Roads-Brasil-Map-v-1.0.5-Full-1 Roads-Brasil-Map-v-1.0.5-Full-2


This map includes:

– Sao Jose Dos Campos
– Lombadas turtle style or cat’s eye
– Turtle or cat’s eye at the entrances of businesses
– Streets with coasting
– Intersections with yellow bands
– Fire department
– Market
– Bar with ambient sound (Pagoda)
– Restaurant
– Precinct
– Pharmacy
– Road with pavement
– 3 new types of driveways
– Surround Sound City
– Plate Urban Perimeter

– Rodovia Regis Bittencourt – BR 116 Connect from Sao Paulo to Sao Jose Dos Campos
– Plate Urban Perimeter
– Radars along the highway
– 2 posts biggest, with a floor paved with sunken bath and the other with part of the land
– Shop By Lucas Santana
– Walkway along the highway
– Small neighborhoods along the highway

– Sons of traffic in major cities
– Sounds of running water
– Sounds of birds
– Sons of rockslide in the mountains
– Sounds and Sea Ports
– Several stretches of asphalt resurfacing with sunken
– Returns included in BR 101 From Sao Paulo to Record (Remember that testing is a return, if approved by you put in other sections)
– Time of the adjusted map, now the time became longer, taking longer to darken and more for sunrise
– Retrieved Bugs plate

Author: Tubarao – SC

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TSM Map 5.2


Hello TSM Fans,

we have completed an update of the TSM Map and it’s now available for you.

Changes of the TSM Map 5.2 against the previous version:

No new cities! The new cities from the SCS patch are still not included in the map. We’re working on it.

All bugs where was reported so far are fixed and we dug a Tunnel through Hamburg, they was called the «Elbtunnel».

At least the patch version 1.11.X is required to play this map version!

Because changes have been made compared to the previous versions in all Modteilen, all six parts in MOD replace folder!

This map is not compatible with other maps!

It may be only this map in the mod folder!

We wish you lots of fun and accident-free ride on the TSM map

Your TSM team

Credits: (and our thanks go to)
SCS Software for GrundMap with all the trimmings.

50keda for the new corporate plan and Sell Kaarfor.

FLD / TZ for the new prefabs and models (can not be used for free use!)

kamaz for signs

Rice Lord for signs

valera_t for various Mapmodelle

satan19990 for the excellent Mapmodelle

Kingpin for the images

2X2 for the new car registration

mAn_Trucker for new firms

diverbaer for extreme bridge ‘
Not to mention should remain Carinthian, the rebuilding in Frankfurt, Tripoli and Aalborg
has made​​.
If we now again have forgotten someone, so it looks like us. We are happy to bring this in
the next version after.
We wish all users a wrinkle-free travel.


Poland Map Rebuilding v 1.70


Poland Map Rebuilding for 1.12.1 game version

Polish Cities added by SCS:
– Szczecin
– Wrocław
– Poznań
– Warszawa
– Gdańsk
– Białystok
– Kraków
– Katowice
– Lublin
– Łódź
– Olsztyn

Polish cities added Poland Rebuilding:
– Bydgoszcz
– Gdynia
– Suwałki
– Nowogard
– Świnoujście
– Piła
– Bielsko Biała
– Opole
– Radom
– Koszalin
– Rzeszów
– Przemyśl
– Sanok
– Krosno (add garage)
– Cieszyn (New city added)

_PMA, satan19990, Wilku


Eastern Express v3.4M + Addon (34 new city)


Eastern Express v3.4M + Addon (34 new city)

Game version: 1.12.1

Maps is not working without addon!

When distributing make sure to save the authorship (whole list) and the original download link!

Eastern Express v3.4M: valera_t , SCS Software, МОРОЗОВ, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, Jazzycat, kosa6414, onixer
Addon: МОРОЗОВ, SCS Software, tested: sowa, Olsestar, models: oq37, Jazzycat, Valera_t, klipstoeun8839, satan19990, Bluetruck

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