Neoplan Tourliner + Interior + Passengers


The Tourliner provides high comfort on long tours. Special value was placed by our designers on the arrangement of the interior. The spacious interior pampers your passengers with ample space and freedom of movement.
The cabin presents an impressive amount of space from the cockpit, through the passenger compartment with comfort seats, right up to the high bus headliner.
During the day your passengers enjoy natural brightness. Large-area windows ensure the cabin is flooded with light and permit long views into the travel environment.
Description bus:
– included interior (indicators, display not working);
– wheels for bus;
– camera angle from interior of bus;
– skin;
– passengers mod;
– replaces MAN.

MuT1595, LiNuX, Furkan, ByMetin44


JETBUS HD Indonesia mod


link 1 for jetbus hd link 2 for skin bus

Installation: Insert the pack to the folder My Document/EuroteruckSimulator2/mod
How to use:
– Buy at dealer Mercedesbenz / Majestic nearby (Replace All Actros)
– Select 4×2 Chassis
– Choose low or Sleeper Cab please select Mega Space
– Select the right Stir
– If the position is not appropriate tire out first then go back into the game in order to properly position
– Do not wear in New Profile, because it will crash with trailer
How to Use Alpha Channel Bejeu:
– Open scs file with winrar or winzip JBHD
– Find files vehicle/truck/mercedes_actros_2009/texture/
– Rename it
– Search for files vehicle/truck/mercedes_actros_2009/texture/colors_bejeu black
– Rename it
– To restore the original alpha channel live longer dds rename it.
What are the advantages:
– Full lightmask
– Full Painting and skin
– 2 Type Rearview (Horn and normal)
– Full Tunning
– Interior Bus Indo
– Strobe (Standalone)
– Compatible equal mod passenger Linux
– Neon Lights Mod her life under Furqan Sevke
– Kamera2 visibility far
– Shield and luggage followed
Bugs known:
– Replace all Actros, I do not have time for making a standalone
– Outside Wiper not fix motion, wipers in his native joined actros, Keith blender support edit anim
– Anim actros interior is also still participate, please be advised
– Some dead interior lights I also do not know why who knows nothing can benerin but not reduce keasikan play anyway
– When I use the passenger mod rather loncat2, I also do not know why, it is recommended to play in a folder if the IRS need not carry passengers.
– If anyone finds other bugs please immediately informed

don’t use mods real logo mercedes benz

MSihardi Modworks Athour: Naufal irfan


VW Ideale 770 Beuk Bus


– Dealership: DAF XF
– Engine and Transmission Real Sound: Not available
– Interior: VW Exclusive
– Chassis: 4×2
– Color: Only one option of customizable color that will only affect the sign
– Sign
– License plate
– Passengers
– Skins

Will be added in \ Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 directory \ mod the following files:
– Ideale770_lb_1.9.x_1.10.x_bus.scs (protected file, you may not edit or extract its contents, copyright to authors)
– Ideale770_lb_1.9.x_1.10.x_edit.scs (open file for editing with free bases of skin, placard and license plates)

Authors: nportegies, Design and Modeling, Luciano Blecha, Andreis Days