Sound Gates v 2.0

The mod will add sound effects for an animated gates. You can choose one of two variants: – Sound gates “Alarm” – Sound gates “Creak” Works also with DLC Italy and DLC Baltic. You need to choose only one variant! You can listen to the sounds on video (by Mahonski). Credits: Mahonski, SlavikSD DOWNLOAD 219 KB Creak Sound DOWNLOAD 339 KB Alarm Sound

"Sound Gates v 2.0"

Nissan GTR R35 (boosted) V1.31

Revision of the old fashion Nissan GTR R35, which is now based on the original physics of the game. The parameters of the turbine, set the box, the machine accelerates to 100 km / h in 2 seconds. On the road flying 300 km/h. In this fashion, everything is done beautifully, there will be no such that the engine has a torque, and the mass of the car is comparable to the train, which is…

"Nissan GTR R35 (boosted) V1.31"

Nissan GTR 2017 V3 (Tuned sound and Bug fixes)

Nissan GT-R 2017 New – (Bug Fixes) -Tuned Engine sounds (Sounds better than the v2 sound – New Transmission (Fixed Shift Problem – You can now customise the car however you want without losing the sound and crashes Bugs – – Still can’t use automatic transmission Credits: Mashmixmusic DOWNLOAD 50 MB

"Nissan GTR 2017 V3 (Tuned sound and Bug fixes)"