Mercedes Benz GLE 400 BETA

  Vehicle is still in beta, it contains no bugs but will still have texture improvements. How to buy the vehicle: Go to Renault dealership, select Renault Premium model and switch to Mercedes GLE option in the following categories: – Cabin – Chassis – Engine – Transmission – Interior – Accessories (Change tires, hub and wheel bolts) Working without bugs in version 1.35.x Credits: 3DS DOWNLOAD 54 MB    

"Mercedes Benz GLE 400 BETA"

Mercedes-Benz G500 2019 1.35

  CHANGELOG:- – Fixed crash – Reconfigured engines (real spec) – Reconfigured gearbox (9-speed) – The vehicle is now completely 4×4 when equipped with the G350 (4×4) engine option. – Fixed minor issues DO NOT EDIT DO NOT CHANGE LINK DO NOT REUPLOAD Credits: VakkoTeam, Nimit DOWNLOAD 55 MB

"Mercedes-Benz G500 2019 1.35"

Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG 1.35

CHANGELOG:- – Removed unnecessary gearboxes & engine options. What remains now is original spec configurations. – Adjusted fuel tank size – Adjusted chassis weight – Chassis is now AWD (All-wheel-drive) – Engine reconfigured – Gearbox reconfigured – Horn sound replaced – Wiper sound replaced DO NOT EDIT DO NOT CHANGE LINK DO NOT REUPLOAD Credits: Elaman,Diablo,RTA, Crazy Squirrel, Nimit DOWNLOAD 65 MB

"Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG 1.35"