Quick Jobs Standard Trucks

This mod aims to update the wheel set of trucks intended for quick jobs. Since the wheels were updated from version 1.22 of ETS2, there was no change in the fast work of the trucks with the old wheels still in the truck configuration. Basically it updates the wheels: f_rim: Steel for f-disc: front_disc_01_matt_gray r_rim: Stell for r_disc: rear_disc_01_matt_gray Includes for front and rear wheels: f_nuts: front_nuts_01_steel f_hub: front_hub_01 r_nuts: rear_nuts_01_steel r_hubs: rear_hub_01 Note. It…

"Quick Jobs Standard Trucks"

Freightliner Argosy v 2.5 ETS2

Tested on ETS2 1.36 Buy in freightiner dealership. Changelog: 2.5(ETS2 version) ————- -Adapted ets2 version 1.36 -Sold in freightiner dealer(mod trucks dealer) -Fixed latest format file problem. -Added custom paintjobs. -Fixed dashboard problem. -Fixed fake shadow problem. Credits: Harven, Lucasi, H.Trucker, odd_fellow ,sepultra DOWNLOAD 233 MB

"Freightliner Argosy v 2.5 ETS2"