Exhaust Pipe with Smoke

You can find them in exhaust left and right.
Mod supports more than 31 trucks.
– Now available in all scs truck:
Tested on 1.30 – works fine on older versions.
If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me in comment
If you have DLC Vive La France, and crashes while using Exhaust Pipe with Smoke, you can unplug it before it crashes.
If you share this mod, please use the original download link!



Amazonas Map v 2.0

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Map Amazonas v2.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, version 1.30, completely free and where we will find a lot of dirt roads, mud, swamps, swamps, landscapes along the trip, as well as rural areas in the labor market.
The map has a large number of existing roads in the state of Amazonas and interconnection, in addition to the city of Jacareacanga in Pará as a bonus for the map and connection to the Amazonas in Brazil.
Have fun!

Reinaldo Souza


Map Jowo v 7.2 (Indonesian Map for ETS2 v1.30)

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Map Jowo is a map for the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 which consists of several cities in Java, Indonesia. This map is suitable for you who like the local atmosphere, especially Java and currently Jowo map has been updated with version 7.2 for ETS2 V1.30 game.

According to D-Official as the source of this Map Jowo, this folder is only upgarde devoted to users of ETS2 Version 1.30. There are no city or model additions in this version. Map Jowo V7.2 is a refinement of the previous version.
– ETS2 v.1.30.xxx
– Scandinavia DLC
How to Use:
1. Download
– MJ 7.2 (ets_2_v.1.30) .7z.001
– MJ 7.2 (ets_2_v.1.30) .7z.002
– MJ 7.2 (ets_2_v.1.30) .7z.003
2. Put 3 files in one folder.
3. Right-click on the file “MJ 7.2 (ets_2_v.1.30) .7z.001”, then select “Extract Here”.
4. Enter the password. Password: tanpapassword
5. The 3 files will be automatically extracted.
6. If the extract process is successful then the files will appear as follows:
– mj_base.zip
– mj_map.zip
– Credit.txt
– ICRF Base Credit.txt
– Mod manager.png
7. Copy mj_base.zip & mj_map.zip to the mod folder.
8. Enable both modes in manager mode (see example mod manager image).
9. Select Playing Module “ina.mbd”.
10. Play.
Notes :
1. At v 1.30 no longer required “mj climate” mode.
2. If you have DLC Vive La France, and crashes while using Jowo Map, you can unplug it before it crashes.

Blog: http://d-official.blogspot.co.id/2018/01/update-map-jowo-v-72-khusus-ets-2-v130.html

Enjoy it!

Badroe Zaman

DOWNLOAD 100 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 100 MB Part 2