RHP v 0.3

RHP v.0.3 for ETS 2 – The full name of the mod is “Real Hard Parking”. Addition complicates parking a trailer on the base. Recycled with consideration of DLS: “Special Transport”, “Heavy Cargo Pack”, “High Power Cargo Pack”, “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive la France”, “Italia” Now the territory of the Companies is not an “airfield” where you can deploy the aircraft … In some Companies, sometimes it will be impossible to park according to the…

"RHP v 0.3"

Platinium Interior for Scania Next Generation (high quality)

This mod works on a truck Scania Next Generation Replaces Unique interior. This interior is a pleasant combination of Red-Black color with elements of carbon inserts. Namely, the finish on the doors and the dashboard, as well as the Unique steering wheel, New lighting dashboard. Changed and other little things. Credits: hadrian DOWNLOAD 2 MB

"Platinium Interior for Scania Next Generation (high quality)"

Scania RJL 4,5,6 Series

Türkish:Mod 1.30x+1.34x Çalışmaktadır 50 Slot Bulunmaktadır İndirip Oynayarak Bize Katkı Sağlamış Olacaksınız V1 Bitti V1.5 Pek Yakında !! English:Mod 1.30 x + 1.34 x works there are 50 slots you will have contributed to us by downloading and playing V1 over.5 Very Soon!! Credits: Arda Arslan , Muhammed Ekinci , Ali Eren Gündüz DOWNLOAD 220 MB

"Scania RJL 4,5,6 Series"