Modification includes:
Was Parts products
High beam headlights: Hella 220,Pollux9,Castor7,Intense9 Roof Beacons Roof Bibendums (24,30,40cm)
Hella Double Burners
Lollipops under mirrors
“Gylle” Side Horns
Rear Lights (Ecopoint 1/2, Europoint 1, Stands Led)
Work Light Lights
Position/Marker Lights
Custom license plate kit (Frames, lettering, numbers, license plate mount, license plate illumination)
Volvo,Scania drivetrain lights (old/new versions)
Torpedo drivetrain lights
Visor lights (Scania Next Gen only)
Nameplates (Super,Besser and others. .)
Volvo F/FH,Intercooler,V8 decals Front mudflaps in 3D
Trailer mudflaps (only for Krone DLC)
Plates (Ecoclass,Michelin,Continents,TIR,ADR,oversized,70,80,90,arrow,brick)
Reflective strips,plates,triangles Roof antennas, Some set of slots
and more..



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