Autonomous, bought at VOLVO dealers or KamAZ modifications.
It has one chassis and one cab.
Simple external tuning.
Has a new improved interior (version v3.0).
It has 6 varieties of road tires.
It has 6 varieties of road discs in front and 5 in the rear.
It has 2 types of black Soviet license plates.
Has spiral cables with physics.
No advanced hitch with standard SCS trailers.
The interior has a full window animation.

There is no conflict with KamAZ 43101 Army from the author Nikola Donbass.
There is no conflict with KamAZ 5410HQ from the authors of JAWA, Stas556.
There is no conflict with KamAZ 4410 SUV from the authors – JAWA, Stas556.

Last changes:
1. Corrections of some MAT files from unnecessary abbreviations.
2. Aesthetically improved interior and fixed the textures of the gas and brake pedals.
3. Added a new pack of steering wheels with braids.
4. Found and fixed additional errors in MAT files.
5. Fixed work of GPS navigators.
6. Cleaned log up to 100% (percentage) – for ETS2 1.47.

Latest test on ETS2 version:
Happy gaming and happy travels!!!

AUTHOR: Oleg Davydov [oq37].
Adaptations and fix under 1.47: @Master_Yoda@.


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