This Mod Includes :
– Multiplayer (Konvoy) compatible.
– Improved trailer swiveling in curves (Long AI Traffic Trailers eg Heavy Cargo)
– Realstic Traffic Intensity on all Roads based at real Intensity on Europe Roads
– Higher distance of Traffic Spawn & De-Spawn
– Improved AI safety parameter
– Different turn signal times
– Improved AI speeds in different weather conditions
– New Traffic Lights Circles
– Improved accident recovery
– Improved overtaking parameters
– Included our own AI Behavior
– Rush hour at 8am & 5pm.
– Different indicator times.
– Different speeds for all vehicles.
– Removed slow vehicles for special transport deliveries.
– Redesigned traffic light circuits.
– Optimized AI behavior at tollgates.
– Rework AI Behavior on Crossroads, Forks, Motorways, Roundabouts & Intersections for all DLC.
– Reworked SCS Prefabs with new Lanes and fixes.

Compatible with:
Any AI Traffic Packs
Any Map Combos like ProMods, Rusmap and so on.

This Mod include 2 Versions of Reworks:
ProMod Version:
Use it only, if you have ProMods in your Map combo.
SCS Map Version:
Use this Mod, if you don’t use ProMods.

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