We The D.B Creation Dev Team Germany present you our mods, which we have been working on for years. We would be happy if you visited us on our homepage.
There you can download our mods, chat with us or contact us directly via Discord.

Upgrade your Euro Truck Simulator 2 to a new level with our mods. Our Mods are all standalone Mods and compatible with ProMods 2.43, RusMap, JazzyCat & NaturaLux Mods.

Changelog 20.03.2020:
Traffic intensity:
– Some behavioral parameters have been revised.
– Spawn rate increases in individual cities as well as major cities.
– New traffic light switching times.
– Better traffic flow with increased traffic.
– Improved overtaking parameters on motorways and expressways.
– Small bug fixes

Traffic unlocks:
– Tow truck with cargo added to traffic.
– All textures of all traffic vehicles revised.
– All tires and rims textures revised.
– Added more license plates to some countries.
– Police vehicles now have the correct country or state license plate.
– Added new sounds for some vehicles in traffic.

Traffic Essentials:
– New textures of grasses, trees, shrubs, buildings, pedestrians, streets & signs added.
– All reflection posts now light up at night.
– Building lighting reduced at night.
– All vehicle lights revised.

Traffic Trailer Mods:
– Fusion of our freight mod with the trailer default pack.
– Added new freights in the freight market and cargo market.
– New retro trailers from 1.22 (Brick, Schmitz & Aero Dynamics) added to the traffic.
– Revised textures of all traffic trailers.
– New Free-Company Mod added with new paintwork and labels.
– Fixed all bugs.

Realistic weather:
– Realistic Rain Effects is now called Realistic Weather Effects.
– New textures for the sky, clouds, and the sun added.
– Raindrop texture revised.
– All rain animation files revised.
– FPS improvements.

All our other mods also have changes that are not important. Only compatibility improvements have been made.
More Information can you find on our Homepage.

So, what are you waiting for ?

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[CEO/Founder] Dustin Banduch
[Admin] JohnBoy
[Programming Lead] Kai Tanner
[Beta Tester] Ansgar Landmann
[Beta Tester] Mr. Daniel T.

E-Mail Support: dustin342@gmail.com

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