The addition complicates the parking of the trailer at the base.
It is processed taking into account the DLC: “Special Transport”, “Heavy Cargo Pack”, “High Power Cargo Pack”, “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive la France”, “Italia”
Now the territory of the Company is not an “airfield” at which you can deploy a plane … In some companies, it will sometimes be very difficult to park according to the difficulty rating, because a truck or trailer may stand in the way. However, if you go to bed, then in the morning the situation may change!

The RHP mod is compatible with Schumi’s Animated Gates in Companies v 3.0 mod and should be prioritized in the Active Modifications list.

Mod development information:
I’m mastering the modernization of territories gradually and will periodically post updates. Previous versions of the mod affected the entire map, starting with this version of the mod it makes changes only on the territory of the bases.
Missing DLC ​​cards will be recycled as they are purchased. When the territories of all bases will be captured

Test on the game version v.1.36.x Special

thanks for the help in the implementation of the newest version of the

Schumi mod

Version 0.6b for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.35.x, 1.36.x):

Correction of missing textures and parked models for 1.36 The
mod includes both fixes for 1.35 and 1.36

Changes in 0.6a
Lost textures for tractors and Scandinavian refrigerated trailers in European companies have been fixed.



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