Passenger Mod for Bus and Minibus.

Select suited ghost trailer for your vehicle and ready to go.

Compitable for original SCS map. You can also activate terminals with using addons for official map DLC’s.

You can watch the video on my YouTube channel to get the idea.

Replaces all the bus stops and terminals as Bus Company. You can always find a job.

Use Cargo Market for taking jobs.

Sound ambient added for all terminals.

10 different ghost trailer ready in trailer dealer for different buses.

Try different trailers for another buses.

Compatible for: [normal]1.36

Author: deTbiT
Please visit for more mods:ods, you can donate to keep my motivation up.


➡️ O403 Modunu satın almak için

⬇️ Bus Terminal 1.36 – Base

⬇️ Bus Terminal 1.36 – Going East Addon

⬇️ Bus Terminal 1.36 – Scandinavia Addon

⬇️ Bus Terminal 1.36 – Vive La France Addon

⬇️ Bus Terminal 1.36 – Italia Addon

⬇️ Bus Terminal 1.36 – Beyond The Baltic Sea Addon

⬇️ Bus Terminal 1.36 – Road To The Black Sea Addon



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