Hi,This is Shahid. it was a little mistake that I did not upload skin filtering file ! But Now I am uploading !So the thing is,we tried a lot to fix skin issue but didn’t work ! Also,we didn’t see too much painting on Neoplan Skyliner till today except Flix Bus Paints.It is always white,black,blue in color.Then we made another file which can let you change color in the right way ! Alos In Bangladesh, it is called Man Skyliner. SO we put something of it in Right Handed Man Skyliner.Please read the descrption and follow the mod manager.


We had a little software issue. We use Autodesk Maya to make models and Zmodeler to convert.We were unable to fix the mat issue.If any of you know anything about how to support paint (on Zmodelder Software) in 1.36 version please knock me here ! We will be grateful.!


And At least whoever you are little bit disappointed with the interior and all other things, just don’t be disappointed anymore. And it was my first mod on Euro Truck Simulator 2. So hope you guys understand the thing.So,We are working on another Neoplan Skyliner which is a 2018 model. And it wil be another Premium Bus with a great detailed interior. And we will take a lot of references from Fernbus Simulator’s Neoplan as well as recording all the sounds of Neoplan..

Till then Please Be happy and keep playing.

All rights recieved by MD Shahid Ahammed

Finally,if any of you need the main bus file check this link: https://ets2.lt/en/neoplan-skyliner-mod-for-ets2-1-36/

Md Shahid Ahammed & Fahim Auvro


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