First time on ETS2 We made a Bus which is Neoplan Skyliner. Alhamdulillah!
First of all thanks to Fahim Auvro vai supporting and putting a lot effort..
The model was made by me(Md Shahid Ahammed).
Credit goes to both of us.Wherever you share the bus please put an equal credit our link.
Both of us worked very hard to complete this.Please Support both of us.wherever you share the bus please please share our link.

Bus Details:
Bus Dealer : Man
Steering:Right handed (UK) & left handed (EU)
Speed ,Suspension and Transmission: Original (Top Speed 152)
Version: 1.36 (Please report if you find any problem)
you can report here:

I have dedicated this bus to those who have thought about the group for at least one day.I have dedicated this bus to those who have spent so much money out of their pockets for this group. And finally this bus has been dedicated to all our admin panel and all the people who have helped me.Gift this bus to you all on the occasion of my birthday. )

Md Shahid Ahammed & Fahim Auvro


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