Schwarzmuller SPA 3E

– 1.28 ready
– advanced coupling
– added lights with lightmask
– 20 looks (all in traffic)
– pallett box
– reduced pmg size, no more errors in gamelog
– reworked lod
– new shadow
– new company_paint_job system
– fully compatible with Abasstreppas Pacton wheels
(must be edited in def file)

Model & Convert by Ventyres
Axles by Loogie, Holli, Ventyres
Wheel Abasstreppas
Jost Legs by mr.poland, Ventyres
Textures by Pauli/Nordisch, de_ben, pumizo, Arnaud57/Arnook, Ventyres
Skins by DaStig
3D-Rework by MarcDo
Animation brace, Liftaxles, Number of reduced polygons by MDModding

DOWNLOAD 19 MB 19 addotional skins by DaStig

Tandem Nordic Trailer 25,25 ByCapital v 3.1

This is a trailer for tandem trucks. It works fine with both my tandem trucks and those in Flemming V’s Tandem truck pack.
The trailer is fully standalone. It comes with 11 skins to chose from made by LoaderSaints and me.

Only for game version 1.28.x

Install by just drop the ZIP-file in your mod folder and activate it in mod manager.

Changelog v3.0 to 3.1
Models converted to the new format by amonrada

Please don’t reupload and do respect the credits.

Capital – Trailer rework
Matdom1988 – Trailer base
Flemming V – Trailer parts
LoadSaints – Skins
Amonrada – Conversion to new format
Abastreppas – Lollipops

Capital, Matdom1988, Flemming V, LoaderSaints, Amonrada, Abasstreppas, SCS


[1.28] Fliegl SDS350 Mega – Rework by obelihnio v 1.3

1.3 works with ETS2 v1.28 only!

Reworked to a completely stand-alone mod. Trailer for low-deck trucks with 153 SCS cargoes.
This is a rework of a 2015 mod that was never updated beyond initial release to my knowledge.

New in v1.3: 13 new company skins included

Fully stand-alone
SCS cargoes
High quality 3d model
Advanced coupling
Skin-able (template in archive)
Custom license plate
Liftable axle
High quality light-mask with lp illumination
Wheels included

What is included in the rework: fixes to the 3d model; folder structure change to stand-alone; AO bake and new light masks (none in original); new collisions with advanced coupling support, support for the new trailer skin system

Installation: Copy the downloaded .zip archive to your mod folder and activate the mod in the Mod manager.

Respect the original download links.
Uploading the mod to other sites is allowed with the original download links. Include all authors to show repsect for their work.

v1.1: Fixed gaps in shadow models; new chassis shadow; paint-able chassis (check template) ; added LOD1 trailer model
v1.1a: Fixed bugged side walls on the LOD1 model
v1.2: Updated to 1.28 cargo def format.
v1.3: Added 13 new skins; updated chassis shadow; fixed bugs

Rework author: obelihnio
Original authors: BalczaK, Matias00
Wheel authors: EdekLs, Borsuk

Skins: obelihnio

obelihnio, BalczaK, Matias00, EdekLs, Borsuk

DOWNLOAD 29 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 29 MB [Dropbox]

Trailer Pack by Zeeuwse Trucker

Hello again, this time i created a trailer pack with some different cargo. Because i want some diversity in cargo i made some of my one in blender. Today i like to share with you all.
So what have i done,
SCS Brick trailer edited and make steerable axles and cargo’s. also in traffic.
SCS Flatbed trailer, edit and make steerable axles and cargo. also in traffic.
SCS overweight trailer edited and make steerable axles. also in traffic.
SCS Goldhofer flat trailer, add cargo’s and also in traffic.
ATS flatbed edited and add axle and lights. not made steerable. various cargo’s and in traffic. Also two faymonville trailers with steerable axles and in traffic. Think the are made by Roadhunter.
Please respect my work, i did NOT convert the files to the new PMG, so you can inport into blender the old way and you can edit the file’s yourself. If you share please do not re-upload but keep the origional link and credits. thank you. you can support me on paypal if you like,

I will keep this name for the mod, and in future i add new cargo and trailers and you don’t have to install over and over.

IMPORTANT, if you want to use my mod, finish your job first, or you will lose it. Unrar to your modfolder and activate your mod.
the file is not in scs but in zip! do not unpack the zip file in your modfolder.

Grtz Zeeuwse Trucker

Zeeuwse Trucker / SCS


Big Heavy Pack v 3.0

This mod adding 275 cargo
Faymonville 10 Axe
Faymonville 8 Axe
Faymonville 7 Axe
Goldhofer 10 Axe
Goldhofer 8 Axe
Goldhofer 3 Axe
Kassbohrer 4 Axe
Kögel Flatbed 3 Axe
Kögel Sal 3 Axe
Krone Jumbo 4 Axe
Lamberet 3 Axe
Lowboy 4 Axe
Meiller Kipper 3 Axe
Öztreyler old & new 3 Axe
Truck Transporter 3 Axe
Steerable Wheels
Liftable Axe
Tested version 1.28
The trailer is standalone
The trailer not in traffic(Game Ai system does not accept high pmg)
Compatible with all trailer packs
Have to sleep 1 in-game days to refresh the joblist with the standard trailers.

Enjoy the mod!

* Respect the download link *

Scs, Sisl, jekich1, Tzexpress, Chris45, Donavan, Fred_be, Roadhunter, Ghostlord, Mtkrz, Bertan06, Blade1974