BMW i8 + Interior v 3.0 (1.28.x)


Passenger car BMW i8 + Interior v3.0 (1.28.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Features car:
– independent car model
– High-quality 3D model
– High-quality detailed exterior
– High-quality detailed interior
– Correct car proportions
– Correct seat positions for 4 peds
– working lights
– present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
– the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat
– choice of color body / metallic paint
– correct position of the BMW logo
– own wheels
– own sound
– Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals
– The correct position of the player
– Supports all major functions of the game
– support for DLC Cabin Accessories.
– buy in all Iveco dealers

Changes in v3.0:
– adapted to 1.28.x game version

Tested on game version 1.28.x

vilson, mark25, sakamtochki, comodore



BMW 5 Series E60 Pack v 2.0


Bmw 5 series Pack :
Bmw m5 e60 v10 & Bmw 520d e60 Comfort
-Exits in the Man Gallery
– Available in 520d and m5 options
– metal and normal paint option
-New Version (v2.0);
– Bugs fixed on -520d
– Added lightmask headlights for -520d
– cabin accessory added
– Added cabin light
– the speed of the car is increased (300 comfortable shot)
– additional performance gearbox added
– light added for internal display panel
now made faster
the vehicle will continue to be updated.
Do Not Edıt !
Do Not Reupload !
Do Not Change Link !
(ADFLY, GOOGLE, LINK.TL) It is strictly forbidden to link over sites
produced by: Metehan bilal | BurakTuna24

BurakTuna24 , Metehan Bilal



BMW M3 E92 2008

YouTube preview

BMW M3 E92 2008 1.28x Car Mode

The car was
translated into Standard M3 from E92 Hamann Edition, which I made in the past GTA San Andreas, as far as I know.
I keep doing the best I can on my hand.

The car features:
– 2 different wheel options
– Original M3 E92 V8 engine option
– Original M3 sound
– Supports all colors
– Increased balance as the hand reaches
– First in all vehicle galleries
– Test version 1.28
– Navigation screen available
– 6,000 liters of storage were made
– Maximum speed on straight road: 210 km / h
– Steering and handbrake animations smoothly.
– The needles do not work because I do not know exactly what to do with Anim.
– There’s no lightmask in the headlights.
– There’s a very small kidnapping on the corner of the mirrors that will not sink.

Anything related to the vehicle is available in your YouTube videos, so watching it may
not meet your expectations.
In the description section of the video, all contact information is available,
let your friends get permission before a bother. After all,
it’s a mode that takes a lot of effort and gets 3 days.
Finally, “Share the worldoftrucks link directly without changing the link!”

Metin Tınaz



Bmw m4 | m3 f30 Sedan Package

YouTube preview

-We offer three different chassis options (m4 gmg editon, m4 gts and m3 f30 sedan)
-2 different engine sounds (we have the choice of low performance and high performance)
-5 different wheel options, all original rims (select original tire slot for original wheel, select extra tire for extra-rims wheels)
-wheel is made specially for every 3 cars
-You can see the high performance motor 300 comfortably, the low performance motor is slightly slower than the speed rise, and there is a separate motor voice for both
-Modify the tool by looking carefully at the slot names in the options (I give you an example, choose the tool gmg editon from the wheel, select the rim and rubber part as extra rubber in the tire gmg editon extra)
-the BMW M4 made by my brother first, the new version made from my side
–I have tried to speed up the acceleration and improvement of the road by myself.
–versions For 1.27 and 1.28x it is smooth and flawless.
-five interior or exterior
-Buy in all galleries
-inteiror producer and animations: Kadir yağız
-Mod producer: Burak Tuna 24

BurakTuna24, Kadir Yağız