Kacper’s Engine Pack v 1.7.1

This mod adds standalone engines to the game, It is works with most of your favourite trucks. It is compatible with SCS trucks and modded trucks such as RJL’s, MADSTER’s .etc
There is over 200 standalone engines made for some of the greatest European trucks and some American ones too. If you like powerful engines with some realism then why not check this mod out, It works perfectly and doesn’t require any mods to be enabled. If you would like to try out some of the older versions of this mod the have a look at ETS2.lt or the SCS Forum. Please keep in mind that I do not own any of the trucks that I added engines to.

Changelog for V1.7.1
– Fixed bugs
– Added engines for the Renault Major
– Added a Euro 6 badge for the Scania Streamline engine
– Edited a few things to make the mod better

Trucks that are compatible with this mod :
– Daf XF 105 (SCS)
– Daf XF Euro 6 (SCS)
– Daf XF95
– Daf XT
– International 9800
– Iveco 19038
– Iveco Hiway (SCS)
– Iveco Stralis (SCS)
– Iveco Strator
– Man TGA
– Man TGS
– Man TGS Euro 6
– Man TGX (SCS)
– Man TGX Euro 6
– Man TGX 2010
– Mercedes Actros 2009 (SCS)
– Mercedes Actros MP2
– Mercedes Actros 2014 (SCS)
– Mercedes Antos 12
– Mercedes 1632
– Renault Magnum (SCS)
– Renault Integral
– Renault Premium (SCS)
– Renault Range T (RTA)
– Renault Range T (PMT)
– Scania R (SCS)
– Scania G Modifications
– Scania R OLD
– Scania 143M
– Scania R4 Series
– Scania RS
– Scania S730
– Scania Streamline (SCS)
– Scania T
– Scania illegal
– Scania T4 Series
– Scot A2
– Skoda Superb
– Sisu (RJL)
– Star 200
– Volvo VM 2015
– Volvo FH16 2009 (SCS)
– Volvo FH16 2012 (SCS)
– Volvo VNL
And much more !

Happy Trucking 🙂

Kacperth Workshop, Zeeuk1, Rupert Smith, Kriechbaum, SCS Software


Schwerlast “Holzbrücke” by MichaBF3


This is a trailer mod by MichaBF3, update by SMG.

ETS2 1.27.xx + all DLCs

3axe Trailer with Cargo “Holzbrücke”
+ 3 Steering Axe

Standalone Trailer Version 1.27

update by SchuLLis Mod Garage
Don´t upload this file on other hoster.

MichaBF3, SMG


Patrick v.d. Hoeven Skin Scania T

Patrick v.d. Hoeven skin Scania T,
Works only on topline cab,
Reccomended configuration like in photo,
Follow my page for more awesome skins : https://www.facebook.com/DavyBertoCustoms/?ref=bookmarks
Respect my work, if share keep the original link,



New Volvo FH16 2012 v 4.0

4 Cabins
13 Chassis, 7 Original + 6 New
6×2/4 normal Chassis + sideskirt + sidestripe + middle exhaust
6×2/4 long Chassis + sideskirt + sidestripe + middle exhaust + cabin coll
6×4 normal Chassis + sideskirt + sidestripe + middle exhaust
6×4 long Chassis + sideskirt + sidestripe + middle exhaust + cabin coll
8X4 normal Chassis + sideskirt + sidestripe + middle exhaust + cabin coll
8×4 long Chassis + sideskirt + sidestripe + middle exhaust + cabin coll
10 Engines, 9 Original + 1 New
999 HP Engine with badge
8 Original Transmissions
4 Original Interion
Over 230 Pait Job ( If you have all DLC )
Original Accessories + 4 different sideskirts + 2 different cabin coll (Paint + chrome / full chrome)
V8 light for driver & co-driver + 2 different middle exhaust ( If you have Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack DLC )
Original Interion Accessories + V8 light for driver & co-driver ( If you have Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack DLC )
Truck company and dealer, in UK also



Bull bar location
Steer rear wheels location
Fog lights no more on
Better dashboard lights
Front bumper paint



You must have Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack DLC
V8 light for driver & co-driver work on all cabins
Accessories work only on the modify chasses above

Have fun all of you 😀 😀 😀



Loading Screen Pack v 1.0.2

This mod adds new loading screens to the game, There are real trucks on the loading screens such as Renault, Scania, Iveco, Man, Mercedes etc. The reason I decided to make this mod is that the original loading screens are pretty boring so I changed them to real ones.

There are 27 new loading screens in this pack

Happy Trucking !

Kacperth Workshop