DAF XF 105 v 4.6 [1.27.х] (upd: 26.03.17)

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DAF XF 105 by vad&k
– Completely redesigned EU interior. We added a lot of new parts and replaced the standard texture
– Redesigned external model. Added some elements of the body.
– Added decals on the side window.
– Advanced coupling supported.
– Support of all possible DLC on accessories and flags.
– Support for coloring – not complete. Coloring on the roof to go to is not entirely correct.
– 3 cabin version of the radiator grilles and chassis – standard paint, chrome.
– Added 3 kinds of side mirrors in the style of DAF euro6 – plastic, paint, chrome.
– Added a front mirror in the style of DAF euro6.
– Added some paint_job.
– Added several independent accessories in the cabin (requires “the DLC – Cabin Accessories”)
– Reworked some curtains “DLC – cabin accessories” ( requires “the DLC – Cabin Accessories”)
– And other changes
Mod replaces the standard DAF XF105 of the game.

In mods, with the permission of the author, there are some materials from AlexeyP.

Currently supported game version: 1.26 end with DirectX, work on other versions – is not guaranteed.

Changelog for actual ver. 4.6
– Adaptation to the patch 1.27
– Added air conditioning
– Upper hatches are made in tuning
– Added different options for sleeping
– Added seat options
– Fixed found bugs.

vad&k, SCS Software
50k_addons: 50keda
airconditioning mod: Elitesquad Modz, vad&k



PWT Truck Skin Pack

PWT Peter Wouters Thermo Truck skinpack :

Only skins for the trucks no trailers !!!

Scania 143m ( by Ekualizer )

– 2 different skins

Scania 4-serie (by RJL)

– ” Old Betty ” only Topline

Scania R & Streamline ( by RJL ) only 6-serie grill except for one skin ,you see that in the shop !

1 yellow-blue Streamline normal and highline (skin by Da Stig and Hounddog )
2 yellow-blue Streamline Topline (skin by Da Stig and Hounddog)
3 ” Stessens ” Streamline all cabs
4 ” Tina ” R only Topline
5 ” Andiprim ” Streamline Topline and Highline
6 R 500 only Highline
7 R only Highline
8 R580 only Highline (Green,White Red skin)

Volvo FH 2013 ( by OHAHA )

– blue bright skin all cabs (incl lightbox)
– ” Andiprim ” (Globbetrotter XL) (incl lightbox)
– only Globbetrotter XL (incl Lightbox )

Importent …..only 1 lightbox is available at the same time so I have made the other ones also and they are in the mod…
open the mod and goto vehicle -truck -Lightboxskins you see the 3 designs
copy the one you want to your desktop
go futher to volvo_fh16_2013 – res
Now you can replace that lightbox with the one on you desktop (just drop the one from the desktop in the mod)

Volvo FH 16 Classic ( by OHAHA )

– Blue skin only Globbetrotter XL (incl Lightbox)

Daf E6 ( by OHAHA – SCS )

– only biggest cab (incl Lightbox)

Mercedes Actros Mp4 (by SCS)

-only biggest cab

Enjoy and have fun ,but please RESPECT THE DOWNLOAD LINK AND GIVE CREDIT if you use my skins !!!

Compatible with all my other skinpacks !!!