Hard Economy

This mod is designed for maximum realistic simulation purposes.
I like to play real, so I wrote some mod for help.

ETS2: version 1.27 / 1.26
DLC: Going East – Scandinavia – Vive la France
Maps: Promod – Rusmap – Projekt Balkan – Southern Region
Trailers: all Jazzycats, rudis trailers
mods: all pvhmodding

Hard economy mod

Bank data Limit 500000

amount 10000 to 10% – in 6 weeks
amount 50000 to 8% – in 8 weeks
amount 100000 to 6% – in 10 weeks
amount 200000 to 5% – in 20 weeks

truck refund 35% of original price

price_small_garage: 100000
price_garage_upgrade: 50000

garage_prod_plan_tiny: 15000

garage_prod_plan_small: 50000

garage_prod_plan_large: 100000

police data

: 200 # car crash
: 500 # avoid sleeping

: 50 # wrong way
: 350 # speeding (camera)

: 50 # no lights during night

: 250 # red lights
: 300 # speeding

simulation_avg_speed: 60.0 # km/h

maximum_driving_time: 600 # how long the driver can drive (in minutes)

sleeping_time: 540 # length of sleep (in minutes)


:Easy plus 2 days = 2880 min
:Standart plus 15 hours = 900 min
:Express plus 5 hours = 300 min

have fun with it

credits: http://pvhmodding.de.tl/

Please do not upload to other sites, Without permission of the builder

update 1.4
-version 1.27
-rusmap 1.73
-Promods 2.17
-änderung Arbeitszeit

update 1.3
-version 1.27
-rusmap 1.72
-änderung Arbeitszeit



Physics Mod v 0.2 Snow Edition + Winter Mod [1.27.x]

This Real Life Physics Snow Edition is excactly the same with its normal edition. But this Snow Edition adds slipperly effect on the roads at a realistic level (not too much like other mods). So you use only one edition at a time. (Disable the other edition).

It simulates realistic snow covered roads. If you are familiar with driving snowy roads in real life and drive cautiously as you would drive in real life, you should be fine. But if you have never driven on a snowy road before, here is my advice:
1. You cannot take a tight curve or make a turn at 90 km/h any more , your truck will skid and if you have no experience your truck will spin.
2. It takes longer distance to break or stop the truck.
3. Do not turn rapidly, do turn smoothly.
4. Climbing hills is no problem, but it may be slower than in summer.
5. Do use engine break, retarder and trailer break when appropriate, they are now your best friends.
6. Be careful not to apply too much throttle especially when turning or taking curves.
7. Now it is worth upgrading your tyres if you want better grip and more speed. But if you want to feel the slipperly effect fully, don’t upgrade your tyres.
it has the following features
Replaced roads
Replaced grass
Replaced soils
Replaced rocks
Replaced terrain
Replaced tree

Update (v0.2)
Added snow textures
Added new sounds

Kenesoljas,MOMO & YUNA


Realism V7.2

Put the file “live_streams.sii” in the folder “Euro Truck Simulator 2”
Put the file “Réalisme V7.2.scs” in the folder “mod”

With Realism V7 you have:

854 European radios, you have to move the file “live_streams.sii” in the file “Euro Truck Simulator 2” (attention, certain radios do not work anymore).
Available on-line purchase without buying of truck.
Improvement of the sound of the rain and of the thunder (thanks to American-Express).
No cool of hiring.
Increase of the speed of all the vehicles.
Increase of the number of kilometers in the capacities of long distance.
Correction of data on certain engines (thanks to MichelP).
Starting up of the game at 6 am in the morning with 176 000€.
Decrease of the maximal ceiling of loan.
Duration of authorized overdraft crossed in 30 days.
Much longer durations of refund.
Expenses of abandonment of a trailer reduced to 1 200€.
Expenses of the drivers are more realistic.
Possibility of making loans without any mission of made.
More realistic rises of sun and night.
Modification completes of systems of the points of experience.
Modification of a part of icons (thanks to James Le Bavard).
Modification of the sum of the loans.
Modification of the parameters of the camera.
Opacity of the night increased in 90%.
Possibility of making loans without any mission made.
Price of accessories decreased in 90% on average so that they are more realistic (even those of the DLCs).
Price of the fines fixed according to the French regulations.
Price of the more realistic cargoes.
Price of the reduced garages of 90%.
Realistic price of the fuel in all the countries (week 21).
Reduction of the consumption of the drivers in the kilometer, between 0,2 and 0,4 liters.
Reduction of the probability that a driver has no trailer in 0%.
Reduction of the damages caused by a driver in 0%.
Reduction of the price of the diesel oil in garages crossed in 20%.
Reductions of the deadlines of delay (8 hours for the non-urgent deliveries, 4 hours for the normal and the 1 hour for the urgent against 2 days, 12 hours and 4 hours).
Occasions of trucks in 75% of their initial prices.
Interest rate of the loans reduced to 5%.
Exchange rate of the realistic currencies (week 21).
Weather of modified rest (45 minutes of break every 4:30).
The past average speed of the drivers from 67 to 80 kph (so your drivers drive faster).

If you wish to contact me, here is my address: ficfic@orange.fr

Ficfic & thanks to Hugo Coytte, James LeBavard, MichelP, and American-Express