Realistic Russian highways 2.1

I am rebuilding all standard SCS’ interchanges on Rusmap and modifying highways to real number of lanes. Then I will rebuild all wrong custom interchanges, then good custom interchanges with wrong number of lanes.
There are 2 version: Non-Promods, but compatible with Promods, and Better traffic flow for Rusmap.
Only Rusmap is required and, Rusmap and Promods for Better traffic flow for Rusmap.
Temporary, Better traffic flow Rusmap contains non-Promods version because Promods version is under bug-fixing.
– M3 from Moscow to Kaluga and rest of M1 and M9 are rebuilt: new interchanges and correct road profiles.
– Fixed bugs, especially low bridges.
– I rebult total 25 interchanges and built 22 new, including replaced crossroads. About 21 ohter interchanes are sheduled for rebuilding.

Brainiac, FLD


Romanian Map v9.25 [1.28.x]

Romanian Map V 9.25 for ETS2 V 1.28
Romania map require the following dlc’s: dlc_north, dlc_east, dlc_fr, dlc_heavy_cargo
Romania map require trailer mod to be activated.
At Romanian map, if tha map it is not activated, you must create a new profile, and, at game mod, select romania.mdb
Sesons mods must have higher priority than map.
Some traffic vehicle have specific sound engine.
Hired driver number is increased to 494
Drivers names are Romanian.
Added new models or edited old ones.
You can have automatic season changer in game. Details in file
If you want only a specific season mod, extract it from Season file to mod folder and activate-it !
Increased traction in winter, and , from now, you don’t have anymore, snow in tunnels !
Crossroads and prefabs, in winter, behave like roads.
Reworked many models, some new, correction on map, and fixed crashes on beta’s due to wheels on trucks and trailers.
Changes in 8.8
– all vehicle have corrected driver seat position and have passengers…
– reworked many lights
– decresed volume of special ai vehicle sounds
– map default vehicle numbers is 50, so, if you have slow pc, can use “Minimal traffic” mod (10 vehicle) or if have super pc and want traffic jam use “Incresed traffic” mod. Those mods must have higher pririty then map.
– fixed missing accesory and bug in Scania dealer
Changes in 8.9
– map adapted for ETs 2 V 1.26
– added more Romanian vehicle.
– reworked traffic lights (Note: Yet I don’t have success to add pedestrian lights).
– some coutry cross roads now have traffic lights (in order to avoid traffic jams).
– corrected some models, prefab and maps issue.
– added coinsurance for repairs (thanks PIVA !!!!!)
Changes in 9.0
– dlc France is now required.
– new traffic vehicle (using new features)
– new train and carriadge
– tractors with tandem trailers
– reworked all railroads crossing
– changed static gate in company prefabs with animated ones.
Notw: Wait gate to be fully open, otherwise will take damage !!!!
– parked vehicles are more often on night then day.
– make season mods comnpatible with 1.26 version.
Changes in 9.01
– new traffic vehicle (using new features)
– new train and carriadge
– tractors with tandem trailers
– new ai car
– reworked animated gate
– low frequency for special ai vehicle (with beacon and (or) sounds)
– Romanian vehicle are more present
– train now has stopping place.
– corrected few bugs in maps
Changes in 9.02
– new tandem trailers
– corrected few bugs in maps
Changes in 9.05
– new ai cars. Reworked spam frecquency.
– only parked car on roads edge are more frequent on nights, except on entertainment places.
– new animated gates.
– fixed color issue on logan mcv car.
– changed exhaust smoke behaviour on tractors.
– changed driver and passenger on police car.
– corrected few bugs in map.
Changes in 9.07
– reworked all city area so traffic flow is better.
– corrected traffic density on places where is less.
– incresed a bit traffic density at night.
– added animated garage by OHAHA, (inside garage only truck parked, not with trailers)
– added water traffic.
Changes in 9.1
– solved LP warnings issue.
– incresed traffic on small roads.
– reworked trains and boats.
– fixed missing LP plates.
– tweked animantion on prefab’s.
– some correction on map.
Changes in 9.2
– map adapted to 1.28 patch.
– police vehicle are splited in “police on duty” (don’t fine you) and normal police vehicle (when fined, the toll is half of normal value).
– increased traffic density in city.
– double’s are allowed.
– traffic_double_triple_trailers.scs are optional. In winter the speed of truck hauling double ad triples are reduced. It’s make by pep based on more than 100 of Jazzycat’s trucks
– added heavy cargo from hevy_cargo.dlc in traffic.
– added realistic mass to train cariadge.
– at large tollgate, then passing at card sections don’t need to stop.
– added realistic flare by PIVA.
Changes in 9.25
– Some company (Praktiker, Bila, Real, Aeroport) are reworked, port companys are now make into SCS’s prefabs, with multiple unloading point, ready for doubles.
– Added new unloading point to 50keda small market prefab (Auchan and Lidl company)
– Repaired wrong companies at Piatra Neamt, Calarasi, Craiova
– Solved CTD on job market
– Reworked some hookup files
– Reworked parking models
– Slow vehicle (tractor…) speed limit is now 40
– Corection and modification on map
Note: Make sure that map has higher priority than trailers mod in Mod Manager !!!!!
Harta Romaniei V 9.25 pentru ETS 2 V 1.28
Harta Romaniei necesita urmatoarele dlc-uri: dlc_north, dlc_east, dlc_fr, dlc_heavy_cargo
Harta Romaniei necesita activarea si a trailer mod-ului.
La Harta Romaniei, daca nu aveti harta activata, este necesara crearea unui profil nou, si la mod joc, selectati romania.mdb
Modurile de anotimp trebuie sa aibe prioritate mai mare ca harta.
Unele vehicule din trafic au atasate sunete specifice de motor.
Numarul total al soferilor este marit la 494
Numele soferilor sunt Romanesti.
Sunt modele noi sau editate cele existente.
Este adaugata o facilitate noua in joc, schimbarea automata a modurilor de anotimp. Detalii in
Daca doriti un mod specific de anotimp, extrageti-l din Season in folder-ul mod si activati-l.
Este marita manevrabilitatea pe timp de iarna, si, de acum, nu mai aveti zapada in tunele !
Intersectiile si prefabricatele , ca si conducere pe timp de iarna, sunt similare cu drumusile.
Sunt refacute modele, unele sunt noi, corectii in harta, si sunt eliminate prabusirile in versiunile beta datorita rotilor la camioane si remorci.
Modificari in versiunea 8.8
– toate vehiculele au corectata pozitia soferului si au pasageri…
– sunt refacute multe lumini
– este redus volumul sonor al vehiculelor speciale
– numarul vehiculelor in harta este 50, deci, daca aveti un PC mai slab, utilizati mod-ul “Minimal traffic” (10 vehicule) sau, daca aveti un super calculator si doriti ambuteiaje, utilizati mod-ul “Incresed traffic”. Aceste mod-uri trebuie sa aibe prioritatea mai mare ca si harta.
– sunt corectate accesoriile lipsa si eroarea de la distribuitorul Scania.
Modificari in versiunea 8.9
– harta adaptata pentru ETs 2 V 1.26
– sunt adaugate mai multe vehicule Romanesti.
– sunt refacute semafoarele (Nota: Inca nu am reusit sa adaug lumini pentru pietoni).
– unele intersectii din afara oraselor au acum semafoare (necesare pentru a evita blocajele de trafic).
– sunt corectate modele, prefabricate si unele probleme din harta.
– este adaugata asigurare auto (multumiri PIVA).
Modificari in versiunea 9.0
– Este necesara prezenta dlc France.
– noi vehicule in trafic (cu noile facilitati)
– trenuri si vagoane noi
– tractoare cu mai multe remorci
– refacute toate intersectiile cu calea ferata
– sunt modificate portile statice din unele companii cu modele animate.
Nota: Asteptati desciderea completa, altfel riscati avarii !!!!
– vehiculele parcate sunt mai frecvente noaptea decat ziua.
– mod-urile de anotimp sunt compatibilizate cu versiunea 1.26
Modificari in versiunea 9.01
– noi vehicule in trafic (cu noile facilitati)
– trenuri si vagoane noi
– tractoare cu mai multe remorci
– noi vehicole in trafic
– refacute portile animate
– frecventa redusa pentru vehiculele speciale (cu girofar si (sau) sunete)
– vehiculele Romanesti sunt mai dese
– trenurile au locuri de oprire
– corectate erori in harta
Modificari in versiunea 9.02
– remorci noi
– corectate erori in harta
Modificari in versiunea 9.05
– vehicole noi si refacuta frecventele de aparitie in trafic.
– doar vehiculele parcate pe marginea drumurilor sunt mai frecvente noaptea, cu exceptia locurilor de distractie..
– noi porti animate.
– corectata problema cu culoarea la logan mcv.
– modificat fumul de esapament la tractoare.
– modificati soferii si pasagerii masinilor de politie.
– corectate erori in harta
Modificari in versiunea 9.07
– Refacute toate limitele oraselor pentru imbunatatirea traficului.
– Marit traficul unde era absent sau foarte putin.
– Marit traficul pe timp de noapte.
– Adaugate portile animate la garaje ale lui OHAHA, (in garaje sunt parcate numai camioanele, nu si remorcile)
– Adaugar trafic pe apa.
Nota: Asigurati-va ca in Managerul de mod-uri. harta are prioritate mai mare decat trailer mod-ul.
Modificari in versiunea 9.1
– rezolvata problema cu “Depleted LP”.
– marit traficul pe drumurile “mici”.
– refacute trenurile si vapoarele.
– rezolvata problema placutelor de inmatriculare lipsa.
– ajustate animatiile la companii.
– unele corectii in harta.
Modificari in versiunea 9.2
– harta adaptata pentru ETs 2 V 1.28
– vehiculele de politie sunt impartite in “politie in actiune” (nu va amendeaza) si vehiculele normale de politie (va amendeaza, dar la jumatate de pret).
– marita densitatea traficului in orase.
– incarcaturile articulate sunt acceptate.
– traffic_double_triple_trailers.scs este optional. Iarna viteza camioanelor care tracteaze doua sau trei trailere au viteza redusa. Este facut de pep pe baza a mai mult de 100 din camioanele lui Jazzycat.
– adaugate incarcaturile din hevy_cargo.dlc in trafic.
– este adaugata greutate relista la vagoanele de tren.
– la punctele de control mari de pe autostrazi, la trecerile cu cardul nu trebuie sa opriti.
– adaugate luminile din trafic ale lui PIVA.
Modificari in versiunea 9.25
– Unele comanii sunt refacute (Praktiker, Bila, Real, Aeroport), Port-urile sunt acum facute in prefabricatele SCS, cu puncte multiple de descarcare, pregatite pentru trailerele duble.
– Adaugate noi puncte de descarcare la 50keda small market (Auchan si Lidl)
– Reparate companiile de la Piatra Neamt, Calarasi, Craiova
– Rezolvat CTD la “job market”
– Refacute unele fosiere hookup
– Refacute modelele pentru parcare
– Viteza vehiculelor lente (tractoare…) marita la 40
– Corectii si modificari in harta
Celelalte noutati le veti gasi voi….

How to install this mod?
– Download all 4 files;
– Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;
– Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder;
– Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

Elyxir, Alin2008Todor

DOWNLOAD 1.8 GB part I

Map Ndesovania v 1.0 by Jaka


map themed Indonesian region. this map is recommended in version 1.23 DLC, other than that please try it (there are reports that in version 1.26 & 1.27 also can) but not guarantee. This map is very light because there are only 6 cities.

if you use mod money / xp better do not. because it will result in crashes.

the password file is: nama

Map author: Jaka Setiawan


Scandinavia Mod, ProMods Map add-on v 0.1

This map mod you can work on yourself, but you are not allowed to publish it.
You are allowed to share this mod on other websites
This is a work by:
There is a known bug on the map. The ferry only works from Aarhus to Sjællands Odde, but not the other way. It will be looked into later, and tried to be fixed.

Welcome to the official map mod by ScandinaviaMod, for ProMods.

Map content:
In this map there are added rebuilds, new roads and a new city.

Development topic for future updates:

– Norway: Southeast Bergen,
Postnord terminal in Southeast Bergen(Drekkar Trans by default),
Container port area in Bergen,
Bergen container terminal
– Denmark: Copenhagen-Sjællands Odde(road 21),
Kolding South E45 highway intersection,
Holbæk West intersection(road 21),
Tølløse highway intersection(road 21/23),
Sjællands Odde-Aarhus(ferry),
Farm in Havnebyen,
Dagli’brugsen in Havnebyen

– Denmark: Havnebyen

Compatibility and requirements:
– ETS2 patch 1.28
– Requires ProMods 2.20(not compatible with 2.18 or earlier versions)
– Requires all three map DLCs(Going East, Scandinavia and Vive La France)
– Work with all other maps that are compatible with ProMods
– No need to start a new profile. You can use it in your same profile as you have ProMods in.

– SCS Software
– ProMods
– Chris94_NOR(developer of ScandinaviaMod)

Load order for this map are in the description! Have fun! Happy trucking!

SCS Software, ProMods, Chris94_NOR