Renault Symbol v3.0


versions 1.26x & 1.27x
– New features !
3 chassis option ;
– 2 Wheels option
– 2 motor selection
– 5-speed gearbox
– All colors are now working
– You can use it according to your taste with features
And a nice pleasant ride 🙂
good games..
Do not edit car !!
Do not reupload !!
Do not change link !!

BurakTuna24, Metehan Bilal, Kaptan, KeremBelen


Ets2 Fiat Tempra 1.4 Sx.A V1


As promised, I share the Fiat Tempra. You can find the mode in Ets2, Hemde Ats game.
First of all, the model of the vehicle I’m telling you is ten-high, but there’s nothing wrong with it … I’ll try to fix it in v2 …
By the way, as a note, I have forgotten the shadow of the vehicle, uploaded everything is very difficult for me from the beginning so it will be added to the shade of the vehicle v2.
If we come to the characteristics of the vehicle;
1) Ao mapping was applied.
2) There are multiple modifications on the vehicle.
3) I made the skin templates of the car so you can make the skin you want.
4) There are 3 frame options.
5) There are 3 rims.

You can edit the phrase here, but do not mind, but I do not see it shared somewhere, or you’ll get into trouble.

Vehicle producer: Kadir Yağız

Vehicle model is taken from GTA SA. If I try to find out the owner I can not find it and write it here.

Kadir Yağız



Ets2 Pagani Huayra Bc Sports Car

YouTube preview

If we come to the characteristics of the vehicle:
1) There are 8 adeet interiors in the vehicle and 8 exterior depending on it.
2) There is a ao mapping.
3) There are modifiable disk firenler booties.
4) The car model is of very good quality (Proect cars are taken from the game.

Now we should write down what passed on: D;
Animations: Mert Kerem Belen / By_KeReM (I thank him very much when I had problems with my problems)
Helpful in every way: FurkanSevke (Thank you very much for helping me)
Umut Uzunkaş: Why I started the car: p
Vehicle testers: Shamil Varan and Tolga Duyar 🙂 (Thank you Sizede.)
Game Transporter: Kadir Yağız

Game Convert: Kadir Yağız