This mod will add a small pack of Poppy stinks air fresheners.
The mod is completely autonomous and does not replace anything!

The pack contains 20 different Poppy options:
-Cherry, Cherry light
-Citrus, Citrus Light
-Fressia, Fressia Light
-Jasmine light, light blue jasmine, light green jasmine, light pink jasmine, light purple jasmine, light red jasmine, light yellow jasmine
-Lavender, Lavender light
-Pine, Light Pine
-Strawberry, light strawberry

The pack contains 4 Areon:
-Areon Forest Freshner
-Areon Lavander Freshner
-Areon Lilac Freshner
-Areon Vanilla Freshner

MADster, Scania Production

DOWNLOAD 1008 KB [mirror]

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