This is a Kay Schultz fleet skinpack featuring a skin for MAN TGA and TGX E5 by MADster, Mercedes Actros MP3, Scania S Next-Gen (you’ll need 50K’s addons for the lightbox!) and Krone Megaliner 2017 and Krone Profiliner by Sogard3. Also features an accurate license plate for the trailers and the Scania S!

viewtopic.php?f=36&t=260235&sid=db78764 … 1ddc6ca6bf
viewtopic.php?t=196526 … (Optional, if you want to have the correct license plate for the Scania S!)

What’s new in 1.2?
– added MAN TGX E5 (by Madster) skin
– added Mercedes Actros MP3 skin
– added Krone Profiliner (by Sogard3) skin
– added compatibility for Eugene’s Next-Gen Scania S
– added license plate for Scania S (If you want to have the correct plate: …

Why isn’t this in the ML skinpack?
Well, I’m planning to make the whole Kay Schultz fleet, so expect more trailer skins (vanilla, Krone Profiliner etc.). Furthermore, the skin is uncompressed, so it will only work on DX11!

Sogard3, thomas16, 50K, TheNuvolari


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