Changelog v3.0:

This v3.0 version has been reworked almost completely

– New textures of rain drops for the windshield & windows (inside cabin)
– New textures of rain drops for outside view
– New sounds of Rain (inside cabin & outside view)
– New adjusts for windshield effects
– Better quality and new Thunders sounds
– More thunders sounds (for the future)
– Adjust sound level

Tested with ETS2 1.36.x (DX11)

Compatible with all maps

IMPORTANT! : This mod works with Realistic Graphics Mod, ProjectNG, NaturaLux… but you need place REALISTIC RAIN ON TOP in priority!

Since 2.4 version works with season mods by Grimes (Autumn, Summer etc.) but don’t use with Frosty Winter!

Also, i recommend use “Sound Fixes Pack” for a better experience! (Place Realistic Rain above)

JUST use Realistic Rain for NaturaLux if you have NaturaLux, If you don’t use NL, you can use Realistic Rain or Realistic Rain Lite.

Forum support:

Credits: SCS, Darkcaptain, Frkn64, cipinho
Thanks for support & feedback: pere_powa, Stropher, Antoniopua, adrian_xta

SCS, Darkcaptain, Frkn64, Cipinho


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