Standalone AI Mercedes-Benz S600 Diplomatic Style


Mercedes is fully independent, with its own flyer pack for light. Also
present the original “surprise” for attachments, unique yet in the
game. Occurrence on the road is reduced to a minimum.
4. If the mod installed below all existing mods traffic – that appear
on the track “scorcher”, who do not just go … and rather big fly
with speed!

Credits:Goba6372, Alexx Os

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Trailers Mod Pack


– All trailers are stand alone now
– Changes in Kogel MAXX
– Added Narko trailer
– Added Krone trailer for logs
– Added Krone flatbed with 3 cargos
– Added Bodex trailer
– Added Schmitz refrigerated
– Added Pezzaioli trailer
– Added Jumbo trailer
– Added container schmitz trailer
– Added cement mixer
– Added open top trailer
– New skins for Krone, Schmitz and other trailers
– New trailer replacing food cistern trailer
– New trailer replacing chemical cistern trailer
– New trailer Kogel MAXX replacing Aero trailer
– Edited glass trailer
– Edited log trailer
– Edited gooseneck trailer
– Edited Fuel cistern trailer
– Edited name of cargo and mas
– Added skins for other trailers

Tested and working with 1.4.8 and or higher versions

Authors: satan19990, LPhoenix, Nordish, Boramjaym65

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