A large package of road, off-road and winter wheels v 1.6


-Big package of road, off-road and winter wheels for all European, Russian and American tractors from different authors

-In the package there is:
For all tractor units:
-50 varieties of tires
-104 varieties of the disk
-17 varieties of hoods
-41 variety of hubs
-11 varieties of nuts

In previous versions:

-Added 2 tires
-Added 3 hoods
-Updated 3D models
-Added Michelin tires (several options)
-Added wheels for trailers, including fashion (except trailers from DLC Heavy Cargo and heavy)
-Added 14 tires (including off-road)
-Added 19 drives
-Added nuts and hubs
– Added a steel version with a wide base for discs
– Added new tire options Goodyear G661, G372A, G395 and Continental HDW
– Added (for both trailers and trucks) new types of wheels: Goodyear G661 HSA 11R22.5 on Alcoa 8.25×22.5. Colors: matt, polished, chrome
– Added a new rear hub cap: matt, chrome
-Added white strips for some tires

In the version 1.6 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.28.x, 1.30.x):

-Added tires and wheels STAX
-Added new tires Good Year
-Added 3 types of hoods
-Replacement of off-road wheels for other options
-The tires of the brand ALCOA will now appear in the cargo traffic

-For Scania trucks, the choice is slightly larger

-Mod was tested on versions 1.28.х, 1.30.x



Volvo FM Classic AU44 edit mjtemdark [1.30.x]


Volvo FM Classic 2009 contiene:
Chasis 4×2, 6×2(midlift corto), 6×2(taglift largo), 6×4 largo
Cabina Globetrotter con spoiler retirable
Motores 330,370,420[E5], 460, 500[EEV]
Llantas aros y accesorios aro(tuercas, tapacubo, cubierta).
3 tubos de escape(Corto Derecho[6×2 corto], Corto Izquierdo[4×2,6×2 largo y 6×4], Highpipe Izquierdo[todos los chassis]).
Interior independiente compatible con DLC toys

Arreglado error buffer(algunos accesorios separados)
Separado llantas
Corregido colisiones añadido compatibilidad enganche trailer avanzado
Añadido UV y UV alterno ahora se puede skinear, compatible con pintura metalizada.
Corregido luces DRL y otras.
Chasis remodelados.
Añadido marcas de potencia de motor.
Añadido interior independiente, animaciones nuevas.
Actualizado 1.30.x

El enganche de trailer avanzado puede tener problemas con ciertos remolques.
Contiene plantillas UV y UV alterno reducido para skinear
Algunos aros y accessorios de este pueden no encajar con otros aros o accessorios por ejemplo del juego.
No funciona en versiones anteriores
Contiene un mod de activación para el DLC toys.

Modelo AU44.
Edición mjtemdark.

Volvo FM Classic 2009 contains:
Chassis 4×2, 6×2 (short midlift), 6×2 (long taglift), 6×4 long
Globetrotter cab with removable spoiler
Engines 330,370,420 [E5], 460, 500 [EEV]
Rims rims and hoop accessories (nuts, hubcap, cover).
3 exhaust pipes (Short Right [6×2 short], Short Left [4×2,6×2 long and 6×4], Highpipe Left [all chassis]).
Independent interior compatible with DLC toys

Fixed buffer error (some separate accessories)
Separated tires
Fixed collisions added advanced trailer coupling compatibility
Added UV and alternate UV can now be skated, compatible with metallic paint.
Fixed DRL lights and others.
Chassis remodeled.
Added engine power brands.
Added independent interior, new animations.
Updated 1.30.x

Advanced trailer hitch may have problems with certain trailers.
Contains UV and UV alternating templates reduced for skating
Some hoops and accessories of this may not fit with other hoops or accessories for example from the game.
It does not work in previous versions
It contains an activation mod for the DLC toys.

Model AU44.
Mjtemdark edition.

AU44 Mjtemdark

DOWNLOAD 38 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 38 MB [Mediafire]

J. Vrolijk Pack

J. Vrolijk pack

This pack contains two truckskins, trailer, tandem mods, wheelpaint and wheeltext.

-The truckskin is suitable for the Scania by RJL, Streamline Topline cabin only.

-Use the wheelmod by Abasstreppas and place the paint and text mod above it in your mod list.
The wheelmod can be found here: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=191218

See the Mod List.jpg picture to see the mod priority list.

Hope you will enjoy this mod.

If you have any questions, you can contact me by FB, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011548413853

Many thanks to: Abasstreppas, RJL, SCS, Powerkasi and Badkarma Customs Lastvognsservice.



Mercedes Actros MP3 Reworked v2.1 [Schumi] [1.30]

Mod replaces the default model of the Mercedes Actros MP3
– Plastic and paint bumper and part of the cab
– Plastic and paint grid engine
– A movable part on the rear wings
– Front mudflaps
– The decals on side glass

Version 1.1:
– The mod is adapted to patch version 1.23

Updated version 1.2
– Added 3D the inscription on the bottom of doors Mercedes-Benz for cabin A
– Added plastic ducts

Updated version 1.4
– Fixed errors in fashion
– Added new tuning

Updated version 1.5
– Fixed bugs
– Added new tuning

Updated version 1.6
– Fixed bugs
– Added new tuning
– The lower lights made by tuning in a separate slot
– Archive with mod added the onboard computer from piva (plug in option)
– With permission of the author made adaptation mod under Signs on your Truck

Updated version 1.6.1
– Fixed spoiler

Updated version 1.7
– The mod is adapted to patch version 1.30
– Fixed bugs
– Added torque curves (autor abalazs)
– New display (autor kuba 141)

Updated version 1.7.1
– Added DRL lights
– Fixed bugs

Updated version 1.8
– Fixed bugs
– New sound (autors: Kriechbaum, Paulnice and CosmicLizarddd)
– New exhaust (autors: MTP(Moders Team Poland) and Schumi)
– New fuel tank
– New adblue tank
– New tuning
– New display (autors: piva, kuba 141 and Schumi)
– New animations

Updated version 1.9
– Fixed bugs
– New chassis 8×4 (autors: MTP(Moders Team Poland) and Schumi)
– New tuning

Updated version 2.0
– Fixed bugs
– Added animation adblue
– Added lacking tuning for cabin ms_8x4
– New textures radio, radio station and tachograph

Updated version 2.1
– Fixed bugs
– New paintjob
– New tuning

SCS, Schumi, MTP(Moders Team Poland), Kriechbaum, Paulnice and CosmicLizarddd(Sound), kuba141 and piva(display) and abalazs (torque curves)


Freightliner FLD v 2.0_by_oddfellow V1.30.x

******PLEASE READ*******
Sell your old FLD and disable so not to conflict with this version
Standalone model

It is purchased in the salons of Kenworth
– Your own interior
– Their sounds
– Tuning (exterior – interior)
– Adaptation to Accessories DLC (preferably DLC accessories and SISL pack)
– Template included

– completely corrected all the errors, but like all the modes, it can conflict with other established modes
– cleaning the log (warnings and errors), also added steering wheel adjustments and animation of the trailer brake valve
– small file editing and new icons
– skins

Buy at the Kenworth Dealer
Buy at the Renault Dealer

Only tested on ATS
Only tested on ETS2

Odd_fellow gave full permission to add his FLD to the workshop.
-Fully gone thru and tested with no errors but like all mods conflicts may occur on your end depending what mods you use.

by Harven…
-Extensive cleaning of the clutter, warnings and errors
-Minor file editing and new icons by Lucasi
-Also supports SisL Cabin accessories

-Brand New template
Old skins will not work with the FLD 2.0

odd_fellow, Pic Eggers, Thomas Parham, Evgeny Shmidt, Jared Jackson, Joseph Thorne, ZHUK

odd_fellow, Pic Eggers, Thomas Parham, Evgeny Shmidt, Jared Jackson, Joseph Thorne, ZHUK


Freightliner Classic XL V2 by_oddfellow V1.30.x

Freightliner Classic XL by odd_fellow
Buy in ATS – Kenworth
Update for ETS2 to by ets2xxreload.
Update for ATS to v1.30.0.1s by Genius.
Use along with above mentioned truck.
Fixes the following:
Crash when selecting flat top cab option
Multiple missing interior pieces for flat top cab option
Missing (SiSL) interior accessories for both cabs
Missing sounds
Restores SCI steering wheel logo to all non-Freightliner trucks
Patch made from files pulled from other trucks by odd_fellow. Much thanks to him for his beautiful trucks.
Thanks to Genius for the update to ATS v1.30.xx
Thanks to ets2xxreload for the update to ETS2 v1.30.xx
Restore SCI steering wheel logo credit: SCS
Patch FIX compiled by Windsor351

ONLY Author: odd_fellow,
FIX Path by Windsor351.
UPD to ATS: Genius.
UPD to ETS2: ets2xxreload.

odd_fellow, Windsor351, Genius. ets2xxreload.


Scania S Next Generation “Vogel” Skin v 2.0

Scania S “Vogel” Skin v2.0 by Bepreeh

Changes in v2.0
– Added front grill paint for Reworked Scania R & S by MdModding
– Added paint for lightbox by Powerkasi

Required mods:
– Reworked Scania R & S by MdModding
– Scania R & S Addons by 50k
– Scania RS Addons by Powerkasi
– Lightpack by Powerkasi
– Wheels Pack by Abasstreppas
– Wheels Pack by 50k

Follow me:
Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/BepreehSkinworks
Twitter ➜ www.twitter.com/bepreeh
Steam ➜ http://steamcommunity.com/id/bepreeh
Flickr ➜ www.flickr.com/photos/bepreeh

You can support me and my works if you want: paypal.me/bepreeh

Enjoy & happy trucking!



Break Skin for RJL’s Scania Series

“Break” skinpack for RJL’s Scania R series
by Truckshots / Bart van Ham

This pack contains a skin named “Break”. Each cab has it’s own custom version, and all colours can be altered.
Suitable for Lowcab, Highline, Topline, Exc and Longline. Best suitable for the R6 grille.
Feel free to share on other sites but please do not re-upload or put this mod up for sale.

Credits: Truckshots, RJL

Truckshots, RJL