MAZ 5432

Description 1) many different new cabins 2) completely different chassis options, more elaborate 3) in the salon added curtains, navigator and side windows 4) 5 types of front and rear wheels 5) native JAMZ engine sound Maz have a separate slot, you can buy it in the same showroom Scania Credits: Dalnoboishik [membersonly]DOWNLOAD[/membersonly] 43.3 MB

"MAZ 5432"

MAZ 5440E9-520-031

Authors models: Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86. Authors rework: Nik_1MTK (Debugging), Ra1ley (initial assembly), MiRoN. Acknowledgments: Fanis (help). Envelope: by maz_man ™ Wheels: Bruiser. Sounds: kevintom. Description Tested: Replace DAF – Spelled out separately, bought in daf 5 slot. – Paint 2 cabins. – 2 FRAMEWORK. – Mercedes sounds. – Compiled by real characteristics: PPC engines, weight Authors models : Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86 Authors rework: Nik_1MTK (Debugging), Ra1ley (initial assembly), MiRoN Acknowledgments: Fanis (help).…

"MAZ 5440E9-520-031"