Dong Feng 450 and Skin 1.32 & 1.33

Commissioning installation in the first Volvo Added a personalized painting Add some lanterns and steering wheel coating Add cable, secondary steering wheel Independent LCD screen (press i to convert display) Chassis 4*2 6*4 6*2/4 (Hong Kong version only 4*2) Version: 1.31~1.33 Author: 尛財迷 Modified: 喜洋洋 Credits: 尛財迷 DOWNLOAD 63 MB

"Dong Feng 450 and Skin 1.32 & 1.33"

Dealer fix for Dong Fang DFL 4251

  Dealer fix for “Dong Fang DFL 4251” You can buy this truck from Scania dealers. Place above the original mod in mod manager. Credits: Hempam (Aslan Amiri, Amir Mahdavi, Mehdi Gomar, Moslem Baraghush, Mohammad Barghamadi, Ehsan Musavi, Soheil Ataei, Mohammad Yousefi), MaxaGent Compatible for: 1.32.x For ATS: Credits: deTbiT DOWNLOAD 12 MB

"Dealer fix for Dong Fang DFL 4251"

DFL v 2.6 Hotfix for ETS2 1.28

  The mod uploaded before was just a rename of v2.6 for ETS2 v1.26: I tweaked and adapted it to work properly on v1.28: – Fixed crashes when installing lights – Added missing small lights – Fixed missing rope texture for hanging cab accessories – Fixed some other bugs (It still has some bugs I forgot to fix) You can buy it from Scania gallery. Credits: HEMPAM Group, MaxaGent, nlgzrgn DOWNLOAD 93 MB

"DFL v 2.6 Hotfix for ETS2 1.28"