Fix ETS2 1.35.x of MAN TGX Euro6 MADster

Hello here I bring the fix of the MADster MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 mod for ETS2 version 1.35.x Beta. The instructions for installation are in the file DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS.pdf PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD THE FILE TO OTHER SERVERS!!!! Mod original: MAN TGX Euro 6 v 2.2 (v1.33) Credits: Anarook DOWNLOAD 15 MB

"Fix ETS2 1.35.x of MAN TGX Euro6 MADster"

RusMap 1.8.1 fix (1.34.x)

Here’s the much awaited new Promods v2.40 to RusMap v1.8.1 road connection and enhancement pack by Sergey061 and schura774. It contains two modified RusMap files, the DEF and the MAP files, plus the road connection. By using only the two DEF and MAP files this can also be used with other map combos. The following list describes in short what you will get together with PM240: 1. Merged SCS and RusMap St.Petersburg with port to…

"RusMap 1.8.1 fix (1.34.x)"