Volkswagen Crafter Fix

  Credits: Hüseyin Karadana Fix: Semih Köseoğlu Test Version: 1.34 You can get it from the DAF gallery. NOTE: If you receive a tab error Type g_susp into the console, then press “TAB”. Type 0,1 at the end of the completed word and press “Enter”. Too Many Modified Parts 6 Front Bumpers 2 Rear Bumpers 4 Grill 6 Wheel And More…. Credits: Hüseyin Karadana,Semih Köseoğlu DOWNLOAD 94 MB

"Volkswagen Crafter Fix"

Renault Major ETS2 1.34 fixed

Renault Major fixed for game 1.34 Update: -adapted to new rain system -added trailer cables Mod does not belong to me Credit goes to respective authors I just fixed the animation not wiping rains If you like my work, donation is always accepted Credits: Danil Shamshura, Fenix, VladmirWx, LynxKris (Lynx’s Modding) DOWNLOAD 50 MB

"Renault Major ETS2 1.34 fixed"

Pendragon Volvo FH16 Truck Dealer Fix (for 1.34)

This mod is designed for Volvo FH16 2012 by Pendragon. It was mad to prevent the game from crashing when entering the truck dealer. It occurs when truck dealer error, physics mods and chassis mods are added. This mod resolves this error caused by physics mods. This mod should be placed above the physics mods. WARNING. This mode can change the behavior of some physics modes. Have fun Tekteker Haydar ———————— Bu mod Pendragon tarafından…

"Pendragon Volvo FH16 Truck Dealer Fix (for 1.34)"