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This mod was made to be able to remove the required side mirror on default SCS trucks. The reason I made this was to GAIN some FPS while driving in cab so the game isn’t rendering so many mirrors at once (LOW SPEC GANG). The true benefit to this mod is that you can now remove the side mirrors on every truck so it matches the theme of your build better.

Below is what requirements were removed from what truck.

Daf XF – side mirror
Daf E6 – side mirror

Iveco Hiway – side mirror
Iveco Stralis – side mirror *BONUS* Left exhaust requirement removed aswell.

Man TGX- side mirror
Man TGX E6 – side mirror

Merc Actros- side mirror
Merc Actros 2014 – side mirror

Magnum – side mirror
Premium – no change
Range T – no change

Scania R – side mirror
Scania S – side mirror
Scania 2016 R – side mirror
Scania 2016 S – side mirror

Volvo Classic – side mirror
Volvo 2012 – side mirror

Tested with the new Renault model and works flawlessly.

any bugs let me know




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