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This is a fictional Korean container trailer I made for my VTC which is based off of SCS’s container transporter.

This trailer is made from my imagination. It is basically a mash-up of my favorite trailer features.

The trailer brand is also fictional.

-Real container company mod(Steam workshop mod) is required for the mod to work.

-Color can be modified

-License plate can be modified(Via Licence plate mod)

-Last axle lifting(Can be modified Via Licence plate mod)

-Custom tail lamp (Made by L Min-jun)

-ETS2 version: 1.37 or higher

-The trailer can be found in the SCS container transporter 3 axle_flexible tab.


-This trailer has all of its accessories built in. When purchasing the trailer, Please remove all of the selectable accessories.

-This mod is a WIP. There are a lot of rough edges. All of which will be fixed in the future.

-The trailer mod is locked. If you want to change the licence plate or the axle lifting feature, please use the included LP mod.

-A .png file is included in the mod file to help you set it up.

-Please keep the original link.

Trailer-SCS, Engineer1692
Lights-L minjun, Boreman


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