D3S Mercedes Antos’ r[]

D3S Mercedes Antos’ r[]

-added compatibility with DLC “Goodyear Tires Pack” and “Actros Tuning Pack”
-minor bugs fixed
-tested on game version

In the downloaded archive (compiled using 7-Zip v19.00) you will find two files with the extension .scs
“D3S Mercedes Antos’ 12 r1.35.1.x” – this is the main, base file – required to connect.
“D3S Route Advisor Marker 2.0.123” – is an auxiliary and optional file that simply changes the appearance of the cursor on the game map and in the navigator. That is all he does. If you connect it, it must be installed with a higher priority than the set of your mod-cards.
Additional folder “Mercedes_Antos_Template” – contains cab coloring templates and decoding of details of .dds files of the truck body and trailers.

-Open the downloaded archive.
-Copy the base file to the “mod” folder
-In the mod manager, delete ALL the old mod files and connect the latest update (remember that the main file is now one).

base model – DANZ[D3S DESIGN], rework-adaptation, further development of the mod, starting with patch 1.26.x – dobr4060


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