Schwarzmuller in Ownership [1.34.x]

The modification allows you to purchase the property of the trailers from the DLC “Schwarzmuller”.
You can only buy in a single-player game, “modify” and repair it already in Truckers MP.
located in the “Trailer Manager”,in “Truckers MP” name “Caravan”.

– Trailers are registered in a separate dealer “Schwarzmuller”.
– Trailers types: reefer,curtain,tank and others trailers,allow to paint in any custom color.
– Trailers support changing wheel accessories, except for: Low Bed trailer,.
– In trailers, you can load the game cargo from the “Cargo Market”.
– Work in Trucker MP!

1. Press the key “Subscribe”;
2. Go into the game and connect the mod in the profile (Manager of modifications);
3. Go to the “Trailer Dealer”;
4. Select your trailer;
4.1. Modify trailer
5.1.Go to Truckers MP.



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