TruckSim Map 1.32 for Patch 1.32.x (Stand: 15.11.2018)

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Hello dear TSM community.

First of all we would like to thank you for the support and encouragement of
thank you all on behalf of the entire team. Therefore we have also
to announce good news.

After some major difficulties with the last patch by the “random events” and other problems, we had to reinstall a patch and leave it out. Also the current patch presented us with some
Thought-provoking tasks regarding our map. In the end we had to with a heavy heart from some things. By the “new building” of the Basic map in Germany, our beloved Ruhr area unfortunately had to be to yield. Fortunately the Harz could be saved.

Likewise the complete Africa was sacrificed and is reduced to indeterminate Time also disappear from the map. Whether it comes back again and in which form, has not yet been decided. This decision had to be struck in such a way that the cargoes, especially from and to Egypt not flawless on the new freight market and cargo market could be adjusted.

Nonetheless, we hope that with this “slimmed down” map, you have as well as your joy, as before and there is also something new on the TSM to discover. What it is, you must explore yourself.

Changelog TSM:

• Exchange of Germany through the Basismap,
• Africa completely removed
• new content created in Germany
• Customization and bugfixes.

Here is the first Download link for our map. Other Links will follow tomorrow. And please don’t forget: only use our original Links. In this manner only we can continue our work as it is. Thanks for reading and have fun!

= = =


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