Traffic density and Speedlimits for 1.30 + Doubles in Traffic addon

Fixed all the problems with SCS train define for base game and DLC Italy when SCS add cargo train to fast train type. ?
Added sounds for Italy trains and trams.
Reduced police frequency.
Reduced frequency of cars with camper trailer.
Fixed rule for tractor and harverst, so that they MUST NOT spawn in and go to cities. (but sometime it happends, I wait for fix this bug by SCS)
Slow vehicles have very low frequency and new deny rule, so you can see it very rare.
Try to increase city traffic, but it work when you don’t wait it and in strange place, but it all that can to now.
Increased AI traffic speed at night time and on rain days.
Fixed time when traffic turn on lights in evening and turn off light ar morning.

Added addon with doubles in traffic in Scandinavia ONLY

SCS, Mr Larrington, Piva

DOWNLOAD 106 KB [Addon]

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