ZF Wandler and Manual Transmissions by adi2003de v 2.0


the Transmissions are available for all SCS trucks, Scania RS by RJL, MAN TGX Euro6 by Madster …

There are my further development of the 16+2 Converter Transmission …

Now you have more Options:
8+1 Converter and Manual Transmission
10+2 Converter and Manual Transmission
12+2 Converter and Manual Transmission
16+2 Converter and Manual Transmission

https://youtu.be/GkNYQ5vjR7A?t=1m1s : 8+1 Manual Transmission without Converter
https://youtu.be/GkNYQ5vjR7A?t=4m50s : 8+1 Automated Converter Transmission
https://youtu.be/GkNYQ5vjR7A?t=8m30s : 10+2 Manual Transmission without Converter
https://youtu.be/GkNYQ5vjR7A?t=12m20s : 10+2 Automated Converter Transmission
https://youtu.be/GkNYQ5vjR7A?t=16m01s : 12+2 Manual Transmission without Converter
https://youtu.be/GkNYQ5vjR7A?t=19m41s : 12+2 Automated Converter Transmission
https://youtu.be/GkNYQ5vjR7A?t=22m35s : 16+2 Manual Transmission without Converter
https://youtu.be/GkNYQ5vjR7A?t=25m33s : 16+2 Automated Converter Transmission



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