Mercedes Actros MP4 Sound


Today I will bring you all my reworked Mercedes Actros MP4 sound, this base sound is made by Kriechbaum and Gustav Rhan reworked it earlier and the soundmod sounded really good to me but need RL soundfiles, so I have examinate a lot of MB MP4 RL videos and ripped a lot of soundfiles of those videos.
I took my a long time to make it sound like in RL, but today I have permission by Kriechbaum and Vasily EVR to upload ans share this soundmod.

Please keep the original link in this topic and respect all authors work and do not share it on other upload websites, thank you all and have fun with this sound mod.

Leen, Kriechbaum, Vasily EVR, oxygen and Modsbyrob, Stas556


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